Olympus Launches Spiration Device for Emphysema

Source: Olympus America

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Olympus has launched their new endobrachial Spiration Valve System in the United States. The Spiration family of products is used to remedy debilitating symptoms in patients with severe emphysema.

The Spiration Valve can help adults with shortness of breath and hyperinflation. The umbrella-shaped device can be placed in specific airways and operates by redirecting air from diseased lung locations to healthier tissue, which results in improved oxygen absorption and more efficient breathing.

The device gained U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval following the review of the EMPROVE clinical trial, which investigated treatment on patients with severe emphysema. In addition to an encouraging risk-benefit profile and brief procedure length, the patients treated with the Spiration device were found to exhibit clinically meaningful and statistically significant improvements in lung function and quality of life.

Serious negative events during the EMPROVE trial included pneumonia, pneumothorax, COPD exacerbations, and death.

Olympus America Endoscopy division group vice-president Kurt Heine said: “We are very excited to add the Spiration Valve System to our broad portfolio of respiratory devices and bronchoscopes. The SVS provides physicians a minimally invasive option for treating severe emphysema, allowing patients to find relief from debilitating symptoms.”

In tandem with the U.S., the Spiration Valve is also approved for the treatment of emphysema in the European Union, Australia. and New Zealand.


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