Olympus Launches its Most Advanced Endoscopy System, EVIS X1

Olympus launches evis x1 endoscopy system
This product by Olympus is its most advanced endoscopy system to date. Image courtesy of Olympus.

Olympus has launched its most advanced endoscopy system to date, titled EVIS X1. This system builds upon previous technology by increasing intuitive control, and including several new features.

Firstly, the EVIS X1 contains extended depth of field ability. This provides seamless magnification, and high magnification ability available at the touch of a button. The system combines two different focus distances in order to improve overall clarity. Together, these features reduce need for adjustments of focus, and streamline the process of using the device.

Secondly, this system has red dichromatic imaging. This uses green, amber and red wavelengths. This feature allows for better visibility of deep blood vessels, which helps in identifying gastrointestinal bleeding. Increased visibility may help reduce physician stress during endoscopic therapy. Additionally, it is minimally invasive, and may help reduce mortality and management costs associated with GI bleeding.

The EVIS X1 also provides texture and color enhancement imaging. This feature includes enhanced textural visibility, brightness and color. Improved visibility allows physicians to examine tissues in more detail, and thus spot potential issues more accurately than with other devices. Enhanced visibility is especially important in identifying inflammation, flat or depressed lesions, or smaller precursor lesions. This feature is intended to lead to higher detection rates, and better qualitative diagnoses.

Another feature of this new system is narrow band imaging, which creates contrast between patients’ vessels and the mucosa around them. It uses specific green and blue wavelengths to achieve this effect. Similarly to the enhanced imaging, this feature strives to improve qualitative diagnoses and support earlier detection of issues.

Prof. Michal F. Kaminski, Professor at the National Institute of Oncology in Warsaw, said:

“Early detection and diagnosis is critical for CRC prevention. EVIS X1 is intuitive and gives endoscopists a range of innovative and proven tools to carry out minimally invasive, precise and effective procedures – enabling them to make truly-informed diagnostic and treatment decisions in the best interest of their patients. Among the new technologies especially TXI looks promising. It seems to provide more information to the endoscopist while maintaining a close to white light appearance. This will make it very easy to adapt to it.”

Via: Olympus

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