New Fixed Bearing Talus Ankle Implant from Exactech

Vantage Ankle Fixed Bearing Flat Cut Talus Photo, Courtesy of Exactech

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As a commitment to innovating the foot and ankle market, Exactech has developed the Vantage Ankle Flat Cut Talus. This new alternative talus implant solution for patients addresses the issue of preserving the talar dome.

Dr. Samuel Adams of Duke University said in a press release that “It was exciting to use this new product, which helps even more patients receive relief from ankle arthritis. Its simplified technique made it overall easy to use and contributed to the surgery’s success.”

In a recent global study from iData Research, it was found that the foot and ankle segment experienced increasing product diversity, fueled by disease complications and patients’ demographic changes. Fixed bearing devices dominated the foot and ankle space in 2018, accounting for the vast majority of the total market value. Overall, the total small bone and joint device market is maturing. Its continuing growth is slowing down, due to increasing product diversity and competition, price deterioration and regulatory and financial barriers to enter the market. This new product offering from Exactech increases product diversity, which may drive product prices downward.

The Vantage Flat Cut Talus works in conjunction with the Vantage Total Ankle Fixed Bearing System. Design team surgeon Mark Easley, MD, of Duke University stated that “we are really proud to be a part of this unique solution that focuses on providing surgeons with options based on anatomic studies and clinical needs. Our goal was to offer a continuum of care that addresses clinical deformities in a way that best serves our patients.”


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To get in an in-depth market overview, as well as insight through primary research and procedural volumes from 18 countries, please read iData Research’s’ 1657 page Small Bone and Joint Market Analysis, Size, and Trends Report.

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