Nevro Corp. Gains CE Mark for Spinal Cord Stimulation Device

Existing research suggests that SCS generally provides positive outcomes for patients. A recent literature review funded by Nevro Corp. found that 10kHz SCS, in particular, was effective in treating chronic back and leg pain. Of the studies included in this literature review, 60-80% of patient respondents reported that their pain was relieved by ≥ 50% one year after they had undergone SCS. SCS has been shown to be related to outcomes such as improved quality of life, and lower use of opioids.

The new Senza Optima provided by Nevro uniquely provides a range of frequencies from 2-10kHz, providing flexibility in treatment options to suit a variety of patient needs. It also carries the fastest charging rate of SCS devices, and its battery is designed to last over ten years. The Senza Omnia further upgrades from other devices available by offering an improved, more intuitive patient remote, and an improved user interface for patients. The device is also upgradable to future waveforms and frequencies, according to Nevro.

The Chairman, President and CEO of Nevro, D. Keith Grossman, recently stated:

“ This next-generation SCS system has been developed in close consultation with customers and is designed to provide a comprehensive solution to manage chronic pain. Omnia’s versatility means that patients now have access to a full range of SCS solutions and physicians can have the peace of mind that when they implant the system, they will have the capabilities needed to achieve the best possible outcomes for their patients.”

Via: Nevro, CNS Neuroscience & Therapeutics

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