Ivoclar Vivadent Develops First-Ever Smart Dental LED Curing Light

Bluephase G4

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Ivoclar Vivadent, a market leader in dental technologies, has recently announced a novel approach to the LED dental curing light products. The new Bluephase G4 is an intelligent curing device with an automated assistance system that can detect and mitigate negative outcomes if the handpiece is moved excessively during the curing process.

If the severity of hand movement is low, the device will emit a brief vibration to alert the operator of the error before automatically extending the curing duration by 10% if deemed necessary. Additionally, if the handpiece movement is severe, the curing process will be automatically shut off so that the curing cycle can be repeated properly.

Dental market research published by iData Research reveals that the LED dental curing light market is currently demonstrating market segment domination over older halogen and plasma arc curing light options. This is occurring as older dental professionals who are used to the halogen curing lights gradually retire and, as a result, dental practices move to newer technologies. With the LED curing light market currently holding nearly 90% of the total curing light market value, it has been speculated that the halogen curing light segment may relinquish its current 3% market share completely. However, the generation of dentists that have become accustomed to the halogen curing method are not all expected to exit the market over the forecast period, leading the halogen curing light market to deplete to a tenth of its current value, yet not completely disappear.

The new Bluephase G4 offers a 1200mW/cm2 light output, a 10mm-wide homogenous light beam guide, and Polywave LED technology with a broadband spectrum ranging from 385 nm to 515 nm. Equipped with antiglare protection, the curing light can also prevent activation in open space, complementing its other capabilities to produce excellent efficiency, high quality, and short procedure times.


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