IMRIS and Hill-Rom Announce FDA Clearance of New MRI-Conditional Surgical Table for Hybrid OR

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IMRIS and Hill-Rom recently announced that Hill-Rom’s Trumpf Medical has completed device listing and registration with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for a new multi-functional operating room table specifically designed for the IMRIS Surgical Theatre. This innovative joint development integrates a new IMRIS MR Neuro tabletop and Hill-Rom’s TruSystem® 7500 Surgical Table platform with the IMRIS Surgical Theatre to support better patient treatment.

The new surgical table system will be an essential component of the IMRIS Surgical Theatre – a suite of intraoperative imaging technologies that allow neurosurgeons to see critical anatomical detail during surgery, without moving the patient from the operating table.

The new TruSystem™ 7500 MR Neuro Surgical Table is specifically engineered for the MRI environment, integrates with the IMRIS Head Fixation portfolio, and is segmented for optimal patient positioning.

Furthermore, the multi-functional design offers the flexibility of interchangeable tops and therefore multi-disciplinary use.

“Our customers challenged us to develop a premium surgical table to be a key component of the IMRIS Surgical Theatre with the reliability and flexibility to meet the needs of current and future surgical applications,” said IMRIS President and CEO Andrew Flanagan. “Our partnership with Hill-Rom Surgical Solutions leverages the reliability and advanced features of the TruSystem® Surgical Table platform together with the MR Neuro tabletop and head fixation system. This new offering will become a key part of our mission to optimize the surgical workflow.”

The IMRIS Surgical Theatre features the world’s only moving ceiling-mounted iMRI and iCT solution that delivers advanced imaging in the surgical environment. The images give neurosurgeons greater precision, improve patient outcomes and eliminate the risks inherent in moving a patient during a procedure.

Hill-Rom is a global leader in developing innovative technology for operating rooms and intensive care units. Rapid, smooth workflows are of life-saving importance, and its digital systems and automated intelligence solutions are becoming a standard of care in hospitals worldwide.

“We’re thrilled to partner with IMRIS, to offer enhanced flexibility and efficiency for surgeons with the integration of the IMRIS Surgical Theatre and the TruSystem® 7500 MR Neuro Surgical Table,” said Francisco Canal Vega, president of Hill-Rom Surgical Solutions. “Our proven reliability, ergonomic design and range of options will prove to be a valuable addition to the IMRIS portfolio, meeting the demands of the neurosurgeon and the expectations of hospital administration.”

The new surgical table will be part of a limited market evaluation to understand how this new system can be best utilized to elevate the intraoperative experience. Full market launch is expected in early 2018.

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