iData at AAOS 2018

Will you or your team be at AAOS 2018 in New Orleans on March 6-10? Visit us at booth #5954 for exclusive conference discounts.

iData will be at booth #5954 and we will be offering exclusive AAOS Discounts off our market intelligence reports for our clients who stop by. It’ll be great to meet our clients in person and for you to take advantage of the AAOS Pricing! If you aren’t attending, don’t worry, we are still offering the AAOS discounts to those who can’t make it to the show as well.

We’ve just released many new orthopedic reports, and for one of the rare times, you will be able to take a look at our reports first hand to review some of them before purchasing at the show. These reports will give you deep analysis such as Procedure Numbers, Market Values and Forecasting up to 2024, Average Selling Prices, Competitor Market Shares, and we discuss Market Drivers and Limiters, etc.

We are running a global Orthopedic End User Surgeon Survey at the show. Please contact if there are any end user topics that you want us to cover with the physicians in attendance.

Also, we will be giving live demos of our exclusive services, including:

  • MedTrack – a service that will give you pricing and market data by BRAND & SKU level… a must-have in data for manufacturers. *We are debuting this at AAOS 2018*
  • Procedure Tracker – gives custom procedural data down to the level of facility and physician for over 7000 procedures
  • Reimbursement Tracker – enables you to get real-time updates on any reimbursement policy changes for over 60,000 policies
  • iData Online – subscription portal to display all of our reports

iData is the Gold Standard in Orthopedics Market Intelligence, seeing that companies have been using our bulletproof data in their strategies and referencing them in their financial reports such as S-1 and Form 10’s, we’d be happy to schedule a time for you to come by and show you the data.

Meet Our Team

Thomas Tran is the Senior Sales Manager at iData Research. With his experience and tenure, he manages the largest client contracts and relationships within iData. His focus is mostly within the Orthopedics markets but also has experience in the Endoscopic, Diagnostic, and Cardiovascular markets as well. Contact him at
Artur Kim is a Senior Research Analyst as well as the Business Unit Leader for the Orthopedic Division at iData Research. In addition to writing for the publication of syndicated reports, Artur also maintains key client accounts and works with clients to develop customized research solutions. Contact him at
Jesse Spicer is the Business Unit Leader for the Diagnostic Divisions at iData Research. He also takes on the role of Analyst Manager. His work includes providing support to the analyst team and conducting custom research for consulting projects ranging from survey design to presentations. Contact him at
Joel Harrison is the Marketing Manager for iData Research. He is involved with content strategy, lead management, design and branding, as well as web analytics. He is also part of the Reimbursement Tracker team that takes care of product strategy, enhancement, and customization. Contact him at



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