Global Investment in Sports Medicine Leads to Growth in ACL/PCL and Meniscus Repair

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Countries like Japan investing $3.67 billion in the Tokyo 2020 summer games are one of many factors increasing the awareness and importance of sports medicine.

Knee-related injuries are one of the most common types in professional sports. What’s more, iData Research has found that athletes undergo ACL, PCL and meniscal surgical repairs every year more than any other area in sports medicine across the globe. Sports medicine is strongly correlated with the national sports industry and its world recognition. Manufacturers collaborate with professional sports associations to address the most up to date and clinically approved treatment options.

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“Knee injuries remain the most common trauma in sports, especially among professional football players. The ACL/PCL procedure is one of the most established techniques, with accumulated experience and proven clinical outcomes,” says CEO of iData Research, Kamran Zamanian “The continuing growth in this segment is secured by an ongoing collaboration between manufacturers, surgeons and professional sports associations, fueled by the stable demand for ACL/PCL repair and reconstruction procedures.”

Top Competitors in The Sports Medicine Market
The largest players in the sports medicine market are Smith & Nephew and Arthrex. Both organizations are leading in the ACL/PCL fixation and meniscal repair market. Smith and nephew lead cortical fixation with products like their Endobutton. Arthrex has demonstrated similar innovations with hybrid devices for meniscal repair with devices such as their Meniscal Cinch.

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iData ResearchGlobal Investment in Sports Medicine Leads to Growth in ACL/PCL and Meniscus Repair