Global Infusion Therapy Market: 5 Pivotal Trends Making Waves

Global infusion therapy market

Infusion therapy devices refer to medical equipment utilized for delivering fluids or medications directly into patients’ veins. This method is favoured when patients require a swifter alternative to oral medication. Within our brand-new 2024 market report, the global infusion therapy market is analyzed along with the following segments: infusion pumps (IV pumps), IV sets, needleless connectors and stopcocks, with the market for blood transfusion included in the appendix. Due to the growing nature of the overall Global Infusion Therapy market, we wanted to share 5 of the key market trends broken out by segment that are currently helping to drive this growth. Continue reading to learn more. 

1. Infusion Pump Market 

Infusion pumps find common application when patients necessitate the controlled administration of fluids containing medicinal substances. This practice aids in the management of diseases, pain alleviation, nutritional supplementation, and expediting the recovery process. Our comprehensive global infusion therapy report encompasses an array of pump types, including large volume infusion pumps, syringe infusion pumps, patient-controlled analgesia infusion pumps, electronic ambulatory infusion pumps, and disposable ambulatory infusion pumps.

Of current note is a prominent trend centering around large volume infusion pumps. Despite a decrease in available hospital beds, the frequency of hospitalizations continues to rise. This surge in hospital admissions serves as a driving force behind the expansion of the large volume pump market. Moreover, the market is witnessing the emergence of advanced pumps, imbued with error-mitigation software and comprehensive drug libraries. These innovations are contributing to an upward trajectory in the average selling price (ASP) of large volume pumps.

2. Intravenous Set Market

Intravenous (IV) sets encompass tubing designed for the controlled delivery of fluids into a patient’s veins, achieved either through a fluid bag or an IV pump. The subdivisions within the IV set market comprise pump sets, secondary sets, gravity sets, and extension sets.

Regarding prevailing patterns, the gravity set segment is projected to experience accelerated growth compared to previous periods, largely driven by the increased adoption of pumps. Despite their economical appeal, gravity sets remain favored due to their affordability, yet they fall short in terms of precision and safety. Anticipated changes in overall healthcare settings suggest a shift towards more precise methodologies involving the utilization of multiple lines and pumps.

3. Stopcock Market 

Stopcocks have historically served as connectors for attaching extra IV extension lines, offering control over the flow direction of IV fluids. In our comprehensive global market report, the stopcock market displays a notable level of stability, and significant fluctuations are not anticipated across the projected time frame.

Nonetheless, a discernible trend revolves around the expansion of the outpatient care landscape. The employment of stopcocks within outpatient care environments is poised for growth throughout the forecasted period. This expansion can be attributed to a rising proportion of patients receiving infusion therapy in the comfort of their homes and other diverse care settings.

4. Intravenous Filter Market

In medical environments, intravenous filters, also referred to as IV filters, serve as instruments employed to eliminate particles, debris, air bubbles, or potentially harmful substances from intravenous (IV) fluids prior to their administration to a patient.

A significant development emerging within this market domain revolves around the heightened adoption of IV filters within infusion therapy. Professionals in IV therapy are advocating for the broader integration of fluid filtration during IV treatment. Consequently, the market anticipates a resurgence of IV filtration as an integral component in many, if not the majority, of IV therapy procedures. This shift is propelled by the demand for an added layer of safety and the enhancement of medication delivery.

5. Blood Transfusion Device Market

Blood transfusion procedures encompass the retrieval of red blood cells, platelets, and plasma from donors, followed by their introduction into patients or the reinfusion of a patient’s own blood. Specific to these procedures, blood transfusion IV sets differ from their counterparts, characterized by their concise length, attachment to an IV bag, and the inclusion of a robust intravenous needle.

On the global stage, a mounting need for blood transfusion sets within outpatient care environments has become evident. While hospitals have historically dominated the blood transfusion set market worldwide, a noticeable shift is occurring wherein patients are increasingly receiving infusion therapy in diverse care venues like ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs) and other non-traditional settings.

In Summary: Global Infusion Therapy Market

In conclusion, the global infusion therapy market is undergoing significant transformations driven by key trends across its segments. From advanced infusion pumps to outpatient-focused approaches, the market is adapting to enhance patient care, safety, and accessibility. These trends collectively shape a future where infusion therapy becomes more precise, safe, and adaptable to evolving healthcare landscapes.

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