Global Dentistry Leader, Dentsply Sirona to Partner with Google Cloud.

Recently announced: global dentistry leader, Dentsply Sirona, has announced that it is taking a number of steps to improve digital workflows designed to benefit dentists, dental laboratories, and patients. As these steps towards improvement are implemented, a new partnership has arisen. Dentsply Sirona has voiced its partnership with Google Cloud and the launch of a new medical-grade 3D-printing solution. 

With Google Cloud, Dentsply Sirona will start to construct what CEO Don Casey aptly described as a “digital universe.” The cloud-hosted platform will systemize Dentsply Sirona’s digital solutions into a singular location. 

This upcoming collaboration of Dentsply Sirona and Google Cloud will feature a brand-new suite of digital dentistry solutions projected to assist dentists and dental laboratories based on six key principles, including: the provision of high-quality 3D dental imagery visualization, the creation of digital workflows for effortless data sharing, and the maintenance of data protection and security standards. 

Christian Martin, managing director at Google Cloud, noted in a press release: “Dentsply Sirona is transforming the dental industry. At Google Cloud we believe that we have the right expertise, capabilities and services to strongly support Dentsply Sirona in its vision for the future of oral healthcare.”

Although Dentsply Sirona did not further divulge in specific details regarding the new digital tools, it is to be noted that the company has a strong focus on improving dental care by streamlining their data sharing and access, whilst improving 3D visualization technology as a whole. 

Meanwhile, as the partnership is kept under wraps, Dentsply will begin their launch of Primeprint, which encapsulates the hardware and software required to develop automated, medical-grade 3D printing for clients. Primeprint was developed to run the entire printing process from start to finish, and in a recent study of the technology’s ability to print custom devices, researchers concluded that the system produced devices with only a mere difference from the referenced designs, with accuracy similar to those of other 3D printing systems. 

Via: Fierce Biotech

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