FUJIFILM’S Endoscopic Imaging Solutions FDA Cleared

Duodenoscope Photo, Courtesy of Fujifilm

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In a recent approval from the FDA, Fujifilm Medical Systems 6 new endoscopic imaging solutions have received clearance. These new GI and interventional endoscopy devices have increased the portfolio of Fujifilm’s offerings.

The 6 new endoscopes imaging solutions offered are the following:

ED-580XT Duodenoscope: Provides both favorable visual orientation with flexible control and maneuverability. This is aimed in accomplishing cannulation while keeping the focus on therapy and diagnosis.

EI058-BT Short Double Balloon Endoscope: Allows access in an altered anatomy and while adjusting to the use of standard devices. It has a 155 cm working length and a working channel diameter of 3.2mm.

EC-760P and EC-760S Colonoscopes, EG-760CT and EG-740N Gastroscopes: A unique GI portfolio of endoscopes with Ultra-Slim, Standard, Zoom, and Therapeutic gastroscopes and Slim, Adult, Standard and Zoom colonoscopes.

During a press release, Taisuke Fujita, General Manager of Fujifilm Medical Systems U.S.A. stated that “receiving FDA clearance for six endoscopes is an important milestone for Fujifilm. As a company with many “firsts” in the endoscopy space, our goal is to always stay a step ahead, anticipate clinician needs and continue to advance the field. Physicians perform more than 51 million gastrointestinal endoscopic procedures annually, and Fujifilm’s latest innovations are engineered to support them during even the most sophisticated procedures and interventions to ultimately enhance patient care.”

According to iData Research’s market findings, macro trends such as the aging population and growing popularity of screening programs are positive influences on the market. Fujifilm Medical Systems new endoscopic offerings may be able to positively impact the market due to its increased procedure quality and patient experience, but it may also drive product prices downward due to increased competition.

Fujifilm’s “six recent FDA clearances on Fujifilm’s core GI and interventional endoscopes rounds out our portfolio, enabling us to serve the growing demands of hospitals across the US.”


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