Friday Q&A: How are Spinal Implant Devices Performing in 2022?

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Known as the most exciting and controversial segment of the orthopedic market, the global spinal implants market has seen promising growth over the past few years. For the global spinal implants market, COVID-19 slowed the market’s growth in 2020. Since the pandemic has passed, the global market has seen a steady increase in value and is expected to continue to do so going forward. There are several factors that contribute to the growth of this global market, and the growth observed among the segments within the report. To clarify, we have discussed specific devices and segments within the global report that contribute to the growth of the market overall. Here’s what you need to know.

Which Markets/Devices are Included in the Global Report?

The following are the segments/markets included in the global report and are those that are discussed further below,

  1. Cervical Fixation 
  2. Thoracolumbar Fixation 
  3. Interbody Devices 
  4. Motion Preservation Devices 
  5. Vertebral Compression Fracture Devices 
  6. Spinal Surgery Instrumentation 

How Have Each of the Segments Above Been Performing?

  1. Market growth in the cervical fixation device market is expected to be stable over the forecast period. This segment suffered more adversely from the pandemic and is, therefore, taking longer to recover. Although this is the case, the posterior cervical fixation market is expected to grow significantly.
  2. In terms of the thoracolumbar fixation device market, growth was limited in 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, this has since leveled out in 2022 and Asia-Pacific was successful in becoming the region with the largest thoracolumbar fixation market.
  3. The interbody device market is increasing in value. Titanium-coated group purchasing organizations (PEEK) and 3D-printed metal interbody devices show clinical benefits and have since seen an increase in demand. 
  4. Regarding the motion preservation market, there is a shift in patient preferences towards motion preservation over spinal fusion. This shift in preference has been a positive market driver in 2022 and one that should continue to stimulate growth into the future.
  5. Within the vertebral compression fracture market, all regions are expected to experience growth. However, the rates at which each market is expected to experience growth varies with Africa having the highest predicted growth rate.
  6. Despite the global pandemic, the spinal surgery instrumentation market in 2021 increased in value. As spinal implant procedures continue to grow, the spinal surgery instrumentation market is expected to grow at the same rate.

Further Global Spinal Implants Market Insights

Although we featured some key insights regarding each of the market segments included within the global report, this is merely the tip of the iceberg. Our complete global analysis includes in-depth insights into the market drivers, limiters, trends and the competitive nature of the market with ASPs, unit sales, and other metrics. If your company could benefit from product and market placement insights within the global spinal implants market, this report was designed for you. Fill out the form at the button below to receive a complimentary executive summary of this report and to further discuss how your needs can be fulfilled with a member of iData’s team.


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