Exclusive U.S. Crown and Bridge Market Insights You Need to Know

U.S. Crown and Bridge Market Insights

What are Crowns and Bridges?

Crowns and bridges are the most common technique used in the dental prosthetics market to restore tooth structure. Both crowns and bridges are custom-designed and made from either metal alloys or ceramic materials. Crowns bind to a prepped tooth or bind to a dental implant if the tooth is missing entirely. Implant crowns, otherwise known as post crowns, are generally weaker due to the fragility of the remaining roots. Despite this, they remain a more robust option when compared to removing the tooth and using a bridge or denture. Bridges consist of multiple crowns and at least one pontic, a tooth-like device. Bridges fill in gaps from missing teeth by securing the pontic in the opening.

How is the U.S. Crown and Bridge Market Growing Despite COVID-19?

COVID-19 had an impact on this market. In 2020, the U.S. crown and bridge market experienced a decline caused by decreased patient volumes and decreased procedures performed in dental offices. Despite this, the market should recover into 2022 and will continue a moderate growth into 2027.

As the American population ages, the demand for dental restorations, including crowns and bridges, will increase. Crowns will continue experiencing growth over the forecast period as they represented the majority in the crown and bridge market in 2020. Bridges will experience a gradual decline due to the increased use of implant dentistry alternatives which last longer and don’t require grinding down the adjacent teeth. Average selling prices for both crowns and bridges are contingent on the prices of the precious metals. Gold and palladium have both experienced sharp increases in price from 2018 to 2020. Conversely, the prices for ceramic restorations are declining. The net effect of these opposing forces will encourage stable pricing over the forecast period.

Who are the leading competitors within this market?

Glidewell Dental
Glidewell Dental led the U.S. crown and bridge market in 2020. This company is the largest laboratory in the U.S. and produces a full range of chairside dentistry equipment and materials. Because of the companies large size, it has an advantage over the other competitors.

National Dentex Corporation
The second-leading competitor within the U.S. crown and bridge market is National Dentex Corporation. In 2020, Cerberus Capital Management, a global investment firm, acquired the company. Currently, the company has the largest network of individual labs within the U.S. and will continue to acquire smaller dental laboratories.

Modern Dental
Modern Dental ranks as the third-leading competitor within the U.S. crown and bridge market. This company is based in Hong Kong and has an extensive list of laboratory networks ranging from Europe and Asia to North America. In 2016, the company acquired MicroDental Laboratories and expanded its share of the overall market.


Crowns and bridges are used to restore tooth structure and are currently the most common prosthetic devices used in dentistry. After experiencing a decline in 2020 due to COVID-19, the market will recover into 2022. Moderate growth will occur over the forecast period with stable ASPs due to the opposing increases in the prices of metals and decreases in the prices of ceramics. Glidewell Dental, National Dentex Corporation, and Modern Dental are the leading competitors within this market. All of the competitors have a similar market share, and all have extensive laboratory networks, which contribute to their success.

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