Digitization and Demographic Changes to Drive Growth in $3.2 Billion Chinese Dental Prosthetics Market

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According to a new series of reports by iData Research, the total Chinese dental prosthetics market is valued at $3.2 billion USD. This value is expected to increase in 2018 through 2024. The total dental prosthetic market will be driven by the rapidly aging Chinese population.

According to the United Nations’ Population Division, the percentage of the Chinese population over 65 years old will double from 8% in 2010 to 16% in 2030. Because periodontal disease, tooth decay and caries become more severe and prevalent with age, older generations tend to have fewer natural teeth than younger ones. This factor, combined with traditionally poor dental health in China, will drive the market for dental prosthetics through the forecast period.

“With changes in demographics, many patients are outliving their dentures,” explains Jeffrey Wong, Analyst Director at iData Research. “Consequently, the denture market will see additional sales from the existing client base seeking product replacements.”

The increase in market demand in turn necessitates an increase in production. An ongoing trend within the dental prosthetic market is the movement towards digitization. Through the use of CAD/CAM technology, dentists and laboratory technicians are able to increase productivity levels. The increasing use of CAD/CAM systems, in conjunction with rising costs associated with the production of conventional prosthetics, will stimulate growth in the CAD/CAM prosthetics market.

The digital denture market encompasses dentures that are produced via 3D printers and those  fabricated using CAD/CAM technology. The current 3D printer market is largely centralized around models and trials. As such, the digital denture market represented a minor portion of total full dentures. Nevertheless, as digital products are offered with higher average selling prices, their growth will propel the upward trend in average selling prices of the total denture market.

There has been significant investment in the denture market by some of the largest laboratories in the country. Small-scale labs may be absorbed if they lack the financial means to invest in the necessary technology as CAD/CAM systems become more and more prevalent. This puts small facilities at a disadvantage because they may not produce enough unit sales to cover their fixed costs. By reducing the number of locations, dental labs can concentrate unit sales at facilities and maintain economies of scale, with cost savings distributed across the entire dental prosthetics market.

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More can be found in a series of reports published by iData Research entitled the China Market Report Suite for Dental Prosthetics 2018 – MedSuite. The China market for dental prosthetics includes crowns and bridges, dentures and CAD/CAM prosthetics.

iData’s suite of reports on this subject covers the United States, Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, South Korea, India, Australia), Latin America (Mexico, Brazil, Argentina), Canada and 15 countries in Europe. These include a comprehensive analysis on units sold, market values, average selling prices, equipment installed bases, forecasts, as well as detailed competitive market shares and analysis of all major players.

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