CAD/CAM Dental Prosthetics is Driven in Asia-Pacific by Technological Advancements, Population Growth, Target Demographic and Affluence to Reach $12.2 Billion by 2027

Dental Prosthetics: the Asia-Pacific MarketiData Research, a global consulting and market research firm, has released exclusive research in five Asia-Pacific Dental Prosthetics markets, addressing key insights and the consequences of COVID-19 in 2020, 2021, and beyond. While the individual country markets are down from previous levels, iData forecasts significant growth amongst certain populations within the target demographics, which will lead to an increase in dental prosthetic procedures in the near future. Multiple dental prosthetic markets were researched and are analyzed in extensive detail.

The individual markets discussed are as follows:

  • Australia
  • China
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • India

According to iData’s reports, the aforementioned markets are projected to reach a combined value of over $8.5 billion in 2020. 

However, all the above markets drastically declined in 2020 by varying degrees due to the closure of non-essential businesses including laboratories, and postponement of elective dental procedures. Japan experienced the largest market decrease of 18.1% followed by Australia at 17.2%. Despite this, all individual markets indicate growth moving into 2021 with a full recovery by 2022 and are expected to reach a combined value of $12.2 billion by 2027. 

The research further analyzes specific segments including the crown and bridge market, the denture market, the denture teeth market, and the CAD/CAM prosthetic market. Crowns are increasing in popularity relative to bridges and are the most widely prescribed dental prosthetic across all market segments. Over the forecast period, the denture market is expected to experience the greatest growth. The majority of the growth within this segment will be driven by demographic factors along with the increasing per capita income. In addition, the denture teeth market is included but is considered separate from dental prosthetics. This market is separate as the price of a denture tooth is generally included in the price a dentist pays a lab for a finished denture. However, trends within the denture teeth market largely mirror those discussed within the denture market. Lastly, CAD/CAM prosthetics are discussed as they are revolutionizing the overall market. Previously, prosthetics were prepared by hand using physical impressions but as of late, a large proportion of prosthetics and restorations are produced digitally using automated CAD/CAM systems.

To accurately estimate market shares, units sold, average selling prices, product segments, and brands as well as procedural volumes, iData Research uses its proprietary databases, and hospital purchase order data to complement its primary and secondary research initiatives.  


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