Ambu Works to Lead Single-Use Endoscope Market in 2022

Single-Use Endoscope
Ambu’s Single-use Endoscope may take the market by storm

iData’s analysts work extensively to retrieve data and source both syndicated and custom market research reports. Owing to their in-depth understanding of the markets and first-hand experience with the appropriate data, our analysts have assessed Ambu’s ability to lead the single-use endoscope market into 2022. In 2009, Ambu A/S developed the first single-use endoscope and leverages more than a decade of experience in multiple areas through the single-use flexible endoscopy. 

The market for single-use endoscopes has taken the market by storm due to the advantages they offer physicians, patients and hospitals alike. The COVID-19 pandemic created a need for a reduced risk of infection, and because disposable scopes are sterile, their adoption was rapid and the market felt the effects. In summary, Ambu’s commitment to single-use endoscopes grows stronger, even with consideration of COVID-19. As we enter our third year of the global pandemic, federal guidance on endoscope reprocessing calls attention to the potential for cross-contamination issues with reusables, making the case analysis for single-use endoscopes stronger than ever before. 

According to Dr. Hudson Garrett, an infection prevention specialist “The time to evaluate the use of single-use endoscopes is now… by using these sterile devices, the risk of device-related contamination is eliminated, patient safety is improved, and the cost of care is decreased and optimized.”

In an Op-Ed of Healthcare Issue Magazine, Garrett continues the conversation of vetting single-use endoscopes by identifying five key benefits:

  1. Eliminate reprocessing
  2. Eliminate frantic searches for an available scope
  3. Are ready when needed
  4. Are cost-effective
  5. Never need repairs

These benefits have been assessed by Ambu and utilized to the best of their ability, making the company one of the top retailers for single-use endoscopes globally. With patient backlog expected as patients start to resume elective procedures, one strategy Ambu highlights to mitigate the effects is to use single-use scopes compared to reusable, as it could facilitate higher volumes of procedures while reducing reprocessing costs. 


The trend towards the surge in funding and revenue for single-use endoscopes throughout the pandemic is projected to drive innovation and growth in the market. This trend is further strengthened by recent changes to reimbursement. In August 2021, the CMS granted a new technology add-on payment (NTAP) for single-use duodenoscopes, with the intention of providing a larger number of patients access to new treatment methods, which would otherwise be considered too costly. For more information on the U.S. Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Devices Market, including unit sales, average selling prices, market drivers and limiters, competitive market share analysis, and more, follow the link below to receive a free research summary of this report. In addition, we offer our complete Global Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Devices Market report series which includes the analysis of the endoscopy market in 70 countries and 7 regions.

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