Abbott Granted FDA Approval for Freestyle Libre 2 Glucose Monitor

This new glucose monitor allows for easier use for diabetic individuals, especially for children and their caretakers. Photo courtesy of Abbott.

The most recent integrated continuous glucose monitor (iCGM) from Abbott, the Freestyle Libre 2, has been granted FDA approval for sale in the U.S. to adults and children over the age of four with diabetes.

The Freestyle Libre 2 has several innovative features. It is the only iCGM system that measures glucose levels each minute, and includes real-time alarms. It is also one-third smaller than competitors, at roughly the size of two stacked quarters, and can be applied easily. The device can be worn for up to 14 days, which also outlasts its competition.

The Freestyle Libre 2 gives users a real time notification using Bluetooth technology in the event their glucose levels are too high or low, without the user having to take any action. These notifications may also be disabled. The user may also measure their blood glucose levels at any time using a one-second scan of the sensor using a handheld reader. Additionally, users can view an eight-hour history of their glucose levels.

This device eliminates the need for sticking fingers for blood samples, removing one of the most common inconveniences for diabetic individuals. This feature, in combination with the ease of use and monitoring, makes this product exceptionally user-friendly, and is especially useful for children with diabetes and their caretakers.

Available at the same price as Abbott’s previous version of this product, the Freestyle Libre 2 continues to be priced at about one-third of the price of its competitors.

Larry Kurt Midyett, M.D., pediatric endocrinologist, Midwest Women’s and Children’s Specialty Group said:

“Innovations like FreeStyle Libre 2 will change the way people manage their diabetes, especially among children. Using this technology can improve time in optimal glucose range and lower HbA1c because we can get a full picture of what a child’s glucose levels are doing without having to disrupt their play or sleep with painful fingersticks. The alarms are a bonus because they provide parents a level of reassurance.”

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iData ResearchAbbott Granted FDA Approval for Freestyle Libre 2 Glucose Monitor

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