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Feature Story:

Ethicon, Medtronic Lead Europe Laparoscopic Device Market Fueled by Growing Number of Procedures

In the Europe market for laparoscopic devices, the fastest growing market segment is the direct energy market driven by the popularity of advanced bipolar devices. As these devices become more common, electrosurgical generators will also grow as they are necessary for these products. However, the laparoscopic market is fairly mature, with many reusable products that do not need to be replaced too often. This is also the case for the hand instrument segment in Europe.

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Orthopedics News:

Smith & Nephew, Arthrex Lead European Orthopedic Soft Tissue Repair Market Fueled by Product Innovation in All-Suture Anchors

Report Categories
Arthroscopy & Soft Tissue
Orthopedic Biomaterials
Orthopedic Bracing
Small Joints
Large Joints
Orthopedic Trauma
Orthopedic Soft Tissue Repair
Spinal Implants
Spinal MIS


All-suture anchors, also known as soft anchors, have been gaining market share in both the rotator cuff repair and shoulder labrum repair markets. As a result, many competitors have introduced their own all-suture anchor products. Growth is expected to continue over the next several years and will primarily be driven by increasing unit sales through technological innovation with the introduction of new products. The largest segment in the European orthopedic soft tissue repair market is the...

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Infusion Therapy News:

B. Braun, Becton Dickinson Lead Europe Infusion Therapy Device Market Despite Falling Average Selling Prices

Report Categories
Cardiac Rhythm Management
Cardiac Surgery
Interventional Cardiology
Vascular Access
Peripheral Vascular
Infusion Therapy


In this commoditized market, it is difficult for any one company to control the market completely. As a result, hospitals and large purchasing groups will make decisions based on the lowest price available. This is having a limiting effect on the Europe IV set market as it promotes pricing wars between competitors. However, as electronic medical records and smart pumps increase their penetration into the European market, the infusion pump market will be de-commoditized and the average selling price (ASP) is expected to be sustained for the next several years. The growing use of...

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Diagnostic News

Optovue First in US to Receive FDA Clearance for Corneal Epithelial Thickness Mapping

Report Areas
Ultrasound Imaging
Medical Imaging
Breast Imaging
Patient Monitoring
Anesthesia, Respiratory, Sleep Therapy


Optovue recently announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared the company’s epithelial thickness mapping software (epi-mapping) for quantitative measurements of the epithelial and stromal layers of the cornea. Epi-mapping is the first non-contact, quantitative method for corneal epithelia and stromal measurements, and it is the first and only FDA-cleared product indicated to provide corneal epithelia and stromal measurements that aid in the diagnosis, documentation and management of ocular health and diseases in the adult population. “The measurement of corneal epithelial thickness is becoming more recognized as a vital part of assessing patients for...

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Dental News:

Nobel Biocare, Straumann Lead US Dental Implant Fixtures Market Despite Competition Driven Price Cuts

Report Categories
Dental Bone Graft Substitutes
Dental Prosthetics and CAD/CAM
Dental Implants
Dental Imaging
Dental Hygiene
Dental Materials
Dental Operatory Equipment


This market has yet to reach its potential as only a minority of those suffering tooth loss opt for a dental implant. However, the growing aging population as well as an increase in the number of professionals trained to place implants is set to drive this market. On the other hand, the growing popularity of value and discounted products has resulted in a shift of consumer preferences towards more inexpensive solutions. As a result, value and discount solutions have demonstrated success in gaining market share, and have consequently lowered...


Endoscopy News:

Cogentix Plans to Launch Endo-Urology Product Line in US

Report Categories
Endoscopic Devices
Gastrointestinal Devices
Video, Hi-Tech, and Image Guided Systems
Soft Tissue Repair
Wound & Tissue Care


Cogentix Medical, Inc., recently announced that it has entered into an exclusive license with Promepla, a Monaco-based medical device manufacturer, to launch an Endo-Urology product line in the United States. The product line is a full suite of endourological devices including ureteral access sheaths, gravity irrigation lines and nitinol guide wires that are highly complementary to the Company’s current urology product portfolio and will leverage Cogentix’s high performing commercial organization. The initial preparation for launch of the Cogentix-branded product line is underway and management expects the product line will generate revenue exceeding...

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