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Feature Story:

Top Mergers and Acquisitions in the Medical Device Industry in 2017

2017 has come to a close, and in review we want to highlight several high-profile mergers and acquisitions in the medical device industry in the past year. This consolidation of power and market share between two or more organizations has affected many companies. These are the deals that have shaped the medical device landscape and will impact it for years to come. Here is a list of the most notable company mergers this year. Becton Dickinson Acquires C.R. Bard - The U.S.’s Federal Trade Commission has given Becton Dickinson the green light to go through with its C. R. Bard acquisition, as long as it divests of its...

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Orthopedics News:

Zimmer Biomet Leads Brazil Minimally Invasive Spinal Implants Market Due to Brand Recognition and Third-Party Vendor Support

Report Categories
Arthroscopy & Soft Tissue
Orthopedic Biomaterials
Orthopedic Bracing
Small Joints
Large Joints
Orthopedic Trauma
Orthopedic Soft Tissue Repair
Spinal Implants
Spinal MIS


Brazil imports MIS devices, mainly from American and European manufacturers. However, the U.S. dollar has seen strong growth recently, which has made it harder for local suppliers to import these products, which are more expensive compared to standard technologies. As a result, it has been less profitable for companies to import MIS devices and this has stunted market growth in the region. But prices have begun to stabilize and these trends are...

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Cardiovascular News:

Becton Dickinson Leads US Infusion Therapy Device Market Fueled by New Regulations Increasing Replacement Rates

Report Categories
Cardiac Rhythm Management
Cardiac Surgery
Interventional Cardiology
Vascular Access
Peripheral Vascular
Infusion Therapy


In the U.S. market for infusion therapy devices, manufacturing and design defects lead to occasional product recalls hamper steady sales in the country. Furthermore, persistence of plastic PVC-based materials containing potentially harmful DEHP leaves customers in doubt and pushes them to other treatment options without the use of advanced medical devices. Despite these challenges, the industry is gradually introducing more stringent rules and adopting new standards for safer practices. This progress is being achieved through improving...

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Diagnostic News

Companion Medical Announces US Commercial Launch of Smart Insulin Pen System

Report Areas
Ultrasound Imaging
Medical Imaging
Breast Imaging
Hearing Devices
Patient Monitoring
Anesthesia, Respiratory, Sleep Therapy


Companion Medical, a leader in the development of advanced technology to improve diabetes care, recently announced that it has begun commercial sales of the InPen® system in the United States. InPen is available by prescription only and is a covered benefit under many insurance plans. The InPen is for use with U-100 Lilly Humalog® and Novo Nordisk Novolog® rapid-acting insulin and indicated for persons aged 12 years and older. The Companion App home screen gives a summary of your current data. It provides...

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Dental News:

Dentsply Sirona Lead US Digital Dentistry Market Through Mergers and Acquisitions and Lab Consolidation

Report Categories
Dental Bone Graft Substitutes
Dental Prosthetics and CAD/CAM
Dental Implants
Dental Imaging
Dental Hygiene
Dental Materials
Dental Operatory Equipment


According to a new series of reports on the U.S. market for digital dentistry devices, growth of the market is limited due to the emergence of relatively inexpensive products. Foreign brands have penetrated the market for zirconia CAD/CAM blocks and discs in the United States, driving the overall average selling price (ASP) downwards. “Generic brands produced in the U.S. have captured a notable portion of the market through promotion strategies, facilitating further ASP declines,” explains Jeffrey Wong, Strategic Analyst Manager at iData Research. “Inexpensive products have also facilitated...


Endoscopy News:

Karl Storz, Olympus Lead Europe Laparoscope Market Despite the Popularity of Refurbishment and Replacement Plans

Report Categories
Endoscopic Devices
Gastrointestinal Devices
Video, Hi-Tech, and Image Guided Systems
Soft Tissue Repair
Wound & Tissue Care


Decreased hospital budgets will limit the growth of new rod and video laparoscope sales in Europe. As a result, lower cost refurbished laparoscopes are gaining popularity, as sterilization techniques are improving to ensure patient health and safety. “With Karl Storz, Richard Wolf, Stryker, Olympus, ConMed, B. Braun and a few other smaller companies all competing for market share, there is downward pressure on the average selling price for these devices,” explains Jeffrey Wong, Strategic Analyst Manager at iData Research. “Companies are not only competing with...

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