Wound Management Market Share

Market is derived from the U.S. Market for Wound and Tissue Management Market Intelligence Report. The Total Moist Dressings Market is comprised of foam dressings, transparent film dressings, hydrocolloid dressings, alginate and hydrofiber dressings and hydrogel dressings.

The range of products in the wound management industry is as diverse as the conditions they are meant to treat. The use of traditional dressings has stood the test of time and these will remain important products. This market will exhibit slow but healthy growth over the forecast period of ten years due to its sheer size. However, advanced dressings are the way of the future and there is still a large untapped potential market.

Advanced dressings decrease the frequency, as a dressing must be changed and due to the commoditization of these products, the price gap between the two, traditional and advanced, is decreasing. Over the forecast period, companies which are able to modify and enhance their advanced dressing portfolio will be able to grow with the shift in product usage.

Four companies comprised the top 80% of the U.S. Moist Dressings Market, two including Convatec and Mölnlyche Health Care.