The stent market is by far the largest in interventional cardiology and with slow angioplasty procedural growth it will remain competitive.


Companies will need to rely on bundling and technical innovation to increase revenues in the years to come.  Technical innovations in stent technology and optimized drug management could make the demand for a bioabsorbable stent relatively low and result in the device becoming a niche product.  Conversely, if the device proves to have strongly positive clinical trials, it could gain market share and conceivably grow as large as existing bare-metal stent or drug-eluting stent segments.

Abbott Leads the Way

The company furthest ahead in the development of bioabsorbable stents is global leader, Abbott Laboratories. Where you are in the world will determine whether you have access to their product: Absorb,™  a  bioresorbable vascular scaffold. This device will not be available for patients in the U.S. for another two or three years, however it has been commercially approved in Europe and is scheduled for sale in Brazil next year.  Abbott is positioning the device as a new therapy that has the distinct advantage of allowing the vessel to return to normal with no permanent damage.

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