Technological medical advances within endoscopic surgery are critical to improving health care efficiency, enhancing the quality of care provided, and decreasing overall expenses.

Edoscopy idata

Patients in today’s healthcare facilities are experiencing the benefits of advanced technology, as evidenced by higher quality-of-life scores after minimally invasive surgery (MIS) compared to traditional open surgery.

Video, high-tech and integrated OR equipment market is rebounding as OR practices undergo an efficiency face-lift following the economic downturn. In 2011, the total market was valued at $1.74 billion. The market is expected to rebound from the 2008 recession, growing to over $2.3 billion in annual sales by 2018, due to increased OR integration, which will further fuel sales of related equipment such as image-capture devices and high-definition surgical cameras. In addition, the increased popularity of minimally invasive surgical procedures (MIS) is fueling sales of booms, displays and PACS monitors.

The video, high-tech and integrated OR equipment market includes:

• integrated ORs,
• surgical camera systems,
• image capture devices,
• surgical displays,
• medical printers,
• light sources,
• surgical headlights,
• surgical lighting,
• surgical booms,
• surgical tables,
• insufflation devices and
• surgical microscopes.

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