The computer guided surgery market was an emerging market in 2012 and is becoming increasingly prevalent in Europe, although growth has slowed due to the economic recession. The dental implant and final abutment markets are directly linked and therefore grew relatively parallel to one another. Growth slowed down in Europe in 2012 due to the current economic circumstances, which lead to large downward pricing pressure on both implants and final abutments, but is expected to pick up in the future.

Germany and Italy were at the forefront of the European dental implant, final abutment, and computer guided surgery market in 2012. Germany’s lead was due to a greater presence of companies that sold premium-priced products in the country, resulting in a comparatively higher average selling price. Italy’s market was the most saturated. Italian dental implant and final abutment ASPs were, comparatively, some of the lowest in Europe, as regional players comprised a significant portion of the Italian market, commanding lower prices than their premium counterparts. The Italian patient population places a high importance on personal aesthetics, which is another reason for the high penetration of dental implant treatments in Italy.

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European Dental Implants, Final Abutment and Computer Guided Surgery Market