Neurological Device Market in India


In 2012, the Indian market for neurological devices was valued at $13.7 million.


The Indian market for neurological devices includes detachable coils, liquid embolics, neurovascular
stents, neurovascular catheters, neurovascular guidewires, neuromodulation systems, neuroendoscopes,
stereotactic systems and aneurysm clips. Market growth will be driven by increases in the aging
population and improvements in neurological device technology. The continued acceptance of
endovascular techniques for procedures to treat aneurysms and arteriovenous malformation (AVM) as
well as the continued acceptance of frameless stereotactic treatment for cranial tumors will further drive
market growth.

Neurological Device Market in India

In India, the usage of neurovascular stents can replace the necessity of neurovascular catheters during
endovascular cerebral aneurysm repair. (Click here for a free report synopsis).

In 2012,neurovascular stents were mostly used for wide neck cerebral aneurysms. A wide neck aneurysm
has a large opening, making the embolization of such an aneurysm particularly difficult. Due to its wide
neck, detachable coils may slip out of the aneurysm.

Over the forecast period stent-assisted endovascular aneurysm repair is expected to increase. Factors such
as innovative neurovascular stent construction using new device materials will increase stent usage.
Socio-economical factors such as growing public health awareness will increase the usage of
neurovascular stents in cerebral aneurysm repair. These factors will also lead to an increase in disease
detection and therefore an increased need for neurovascular devices.

Neurovascular stent procedures