As patient awareness increases and technology improves, a greater number of newly diagnosed patients
will receive treatment with a bone-anchored hearing aid. Among those newly diagnosed with single sided
deafness, the percentage of those treated with bone-anchored hearing aids will grow from 11.5% in 2012
to 43.6% by 2019.

Despite the market growth that the bone-anchored hearing aids enjoyed, this segment is still relatively far
from saturation, which will drive the rapid growth of this market. (Click here for a FREE summary of our
latest research). Approximately 70% of candidates that could be helped by a BAHA type device have historically
rejected using one because of the risks and problems that may arise from the permanent abutment. Sophono
has FDA clearance for their BAHA device which does not have an abutment. Sonitus Medical is another new
entrant into the segment. The market has slowed in growth due to a lack of consensus among health care
professionals as to which type of bone-anchored device they believe will provide the highest level of care.
As a consensus is reached, market growth will like reach steadily strong levels.