Vitls Inc. Granted FDA Clearance of Clinical-Grade Vital Sign Telemonitoring System for Hospital and Home Use

Vitls Inc. Granted FDA Clearance of Vital Sign Telemonitoring System
This new telemonitoring platform provides clinical-grade vital sign monitoring in home or hospital settings. Photo courtesy of Business Wire.

Vitls Inc., a company based out of Houston, Texas, has received 510(k) clearance from the FDA for its Vitls Platform, a telemonitoring system. This platform provides a streamlined process of vital sign monitoring by allowing healthcare providers to view several health metrics from a single device.

This clinical-grade platform provides reliable and accurate monitoring in real-time. The patient is fitted with a small and non-invasive wearable device that records vital information wirelessly. Information is then stored in the Vitls Cloud. The information can also be sent to hospital data systems, as well as the Vitls App and devices connected with each other. The Vitls App provides an intuitive display of vital signs for easy interpretation of information.

Users can program instant notifications to see multiple days worth of vital sign trends in patients. The app can also be used to record notes along with the patient data, that can also be uploaded to the hospital’s electronic health record.

The Vitls Platform can be used on patients in a home or a hospital setting. It can measure body temperature, blood oxygenation, respiration rate, heart rate, and heart rate variability. The ability to measure many vital signs with a single device provides a more efficient way for healthcare providers to work, and can help save their valuable time. In addition, the ability to monitor patients from home also decreases the possibility of viral transmission, and helps conserve space in hospitals. It will also likely provide patients with monetary benefits if they are able to be monitored in their own home instead of remaining in a hospital setting.

Werner Vorster, CEO and founder of Vitls Inc., said:

“When my eldest son suffered from febrile seizures, we couldn’t find anything reliable and accurate enough to alert us at the onset of his fevers; we developed Tégo to address the challenge of intermittent monitoring and late detection for both patients and clinicians. With this FDA clearance and our US launch planned for Q3/2020, we are much closer to our goal of making continuous monitoring the standard of care in healthcare settings, as well as in the home. Healthcare needs accurate, clinical grade, continuous monitoring – especially now during COVID-19 – and we’re proud and fortunate to be in a position to help.”

Via: BusinessWire

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