Vidyo Inc., a New Jersey-based healthcare IT company, recently announced the release of a video conferencing suite called VidyoHealth.

According to Healthcare IT News, VidyoHealth uses the Internet and other general IP addresses in order to deliver video and audio to healthcare facilities, including hospitals, smaller clinics and home use. In the past, healthcare facilities were required to purchase expensive platforms based on QoS networks, which were largely unreliable.

The VidyoHealth platform includes VidyoDesktop for Mac users, VidyoClick, which features touchscreen for home-based users, VidyoPortal for management, among others.

This new software is expected to provide affordable and accessible healthcare solutions as well as connect healthcare employees in remote locations.

For more information on Vidyo Inc and the VidyoHealth technology, follow the link below:

Vidyo Unveils New Telemedicine Platform