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Growth in the U.S. ultrasound equipment market can partially be attributed to the rapid adoption of point of care (POC) ultrasounds in new environments such as anesthesiology, critical care, and musculoskeletal applications. These areas of medical service delivery have not traditionally relied on ultrasound for their diagnostic evaluations. But, due to technological improvements and reductions in the cost of ultrasound equipment, these areas are rapidly adopting it as a tool for diagnostic and guidance procedures.

“Physicians are using POC ultrasound to improve the accuracy of needle placement procedures, and to replace costly radiation-based imaging techniques with real-time, cost-effective ultrasound imaging,” explains Dr. Kamran Zamanian, CEO of iData. “Apart from market segments for POC ultrasound equipment, the U.S. ultrasound equipment market is highly saturated.”

Other key findings from the iData Research report entitled U.S. Market for Ultrasound Imaging Equipment:

Technological Advances
Technological advances are driving the POC ultrasound market, particularly within the musculoskeletal segment. 3D and 4D capabilities are more widely used because they provide superior imaging over two dimensional systems. These technological advances also cause the price of the device to increase. Portability and higher image resolution are expected to cause rapid growth in this market.

Relatively Low Cost
POC ultrasound systems are significantly less expensive to purchase compared to other modalities, including computed tomography or magnetic resonance. These systems cost well over $1,000,000 to purchase, while the average selling prices of POC ultrasound systems are a fraction of that value. Magnetic resonance scans often cost thousands of dollars, while POC ultrasound procedures are priced in the hundreds of dollars range.

Leading Competitors
SonoSite is the leading competitor in the U.S. market for POC ultrasound systems in 2014, followed by GE Healthcare. Other notable competitors in the U.S. market for POC ultrasound systems include Philips Healthcare, Zonare Medical Systems, and Terason.

Other leading competitors in the overall ultrasound imaging equipment market in the U.S. include Siemens Healthcare, Toshiba, Hitachi Aloka, amongst others.

For Further Information
More on the ultrasound point of care market in the U.S. can be found in the report published by iData entitled U.S. Market for Ultrasound Imaging Equipment. This report also covers the U.S. market segments for cardiology ultrasound equipment, radiology ultrasound equipment, obstetrics and gynecology ultrasound equipment, breast ultrasound equipment, urology ultrasound equipment, surgery ultrasound equipment, and ophthalmic ultrasound equipment.

This iData report includes ultrasound procedures by field, by specialty, and by State, using both government and private payer scheme data. Trend analysis is provided for the last 4 years.

Full reports also provide a comprehensive analysis including units sold, procedure numbers, market value, forecasts, as well as detailed competitive market shares and analysis of major players’ success strategies in each market and segment. To find out more about U.S. ultrasound market data or procedure data, register online or email us at [email protected] for a U.S. Market for Ultrasound Imaging Equipment report brochure and synopsis.

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Procedure number data is available from iData’s Procedure Tracker service, which allows subscribers to define and analyze procedure data segmented by country, region, hospital, surgery centre, and physician. A customizable dashboard sorts procedure data for further analysis and research.

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