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Market saturation has made neurosurgery navigation system procedures an established standard of care in the United States. Unit sales growth moderately increased in 2014, and will slowly continue to increase as facilities replace older systems, and as new technology becomes available.

“The neurosurgery navigation system market is very much a replacement and upgrade market,” explains Dr. Kamran Zamanian, CEO of iData. “Leading companies are continuously developing brand new systems to try and entice facilities that do not want to share multi-application image guide surgery platforms between hospital departments.”

Prevalence of Fee Per-Use Systems
Due to market saturation, the revenues generated from fee per-use loans and from the service and maintenance of existing neurosurgery navigation systems pushed the overall market value higher than revenue from system sales. The percentage of earnings derived from capital purchases is higher for neurosurgical systems than for other types of image guided surgery systems, because relatively few image guided surgery systems with neurosurgical applications are loaned.

As software improves and the total number of systems increases, the total revenue will come less from system sales and more from service and fee per-use systems.

Leading Competitors
Brainlab and Medtronic are the leading competitors in the neurosurgery navigation system market, collectively representing more than three quarters of market revenues.

Brainlab was one of the first companies to develop software specifically for trauma procedures and recently has shifted focus toward selling more dedicated spinal systems. Medtronic is also the leading competitor in the spinal implant market and can leverage sales of their navigation system through the strong brand name they have established in the overall spinal market.

For Further Information
More on the markets for surgical navigation systems in the U.S. can be found in this latest edition report published by iData entitled U.S. Market for Surgical Navigation Systems and Robotics, which covers the U.S. as a whole, as well as market segments for neurosurgery, spine, ENT, and orthopedic navigation systems; spine, neuro, radio, and orthopedic surgery robotic assisted systems; MIS robotic devices; and robotic catheter systems. The report also includes detailed procedure number data.

Full iData reports provide a comprehensive analysis including units sold, procedure numbers, market value, forecasts, as well as detailed competitive market shares and analysis of major players’ success strategies in each market and segment.

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Procedure number data is available from iData’s Procedure Tracker service, which allows subscribers to define and analyze procedure data segmented by State, region, hospital, surgery centre, and physician. A customizable dashboard sorts procedure data for further analysis and research.

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