European universal bonding agents market expected to grow to over 18% by 2020.


The European Market for Dental Materials is expected reach over $2 billion by 2020. This market is segmented into dental cements, impression materials, direct restorative materials, bonding agents, core build-up materials and dental local anesthetics. “Patients and dentists’ expectations have largely fueled the high levels of investment in research and development for improved, more efficient and easy-to-use products, particularly within the dental bonding agents market,” says Dr. Kamran Zamanian, CEO of iData.

The introduction of newer generation dental bonding agents has significantly improved application and has reduced the number of steps involved in tooth preparation. There has been a trend away from ‘conventional’ bonding agents towards newer, less time-consuming options such as self-etch and now even universal bonding agents. The introduction of universal bonding agents in 2012 has significantly changed the adhesive process. Universal bonding agt eliminates the need to purchase multiple adhesive systems thus eliminating the need for other products such as silane or desensitizers and guarantees the freshness of the adhesive.

Universal Dental Bonding Agents  – Adoption Trends Comparison in Europe

This shift has taken effect within Germany, Austria, Benelux, Scandinavia and Switzerland. Universal bonding agents have not been adopted in the more cost-sensitive regions such as Iberia, the U.K., Italy Spain and France. The universality of the product caters to both self- and total-etch users, and once the full benefits of its use are recognized, growth is expected to be dramatic. CAGR is expected to increase to over 19% by 2020.

The dominant universal adhesive on the market is 3ESPE’s Scotchbond™ Universal Adhesive, with its main purpose to prevent postoperative sensitivity. Other key competitors in the total European dental material market include DENTSPLY, GC Europe, Heraeus Kulzer, Ivoclar Vivadent and Kuraray.


Other key findings from the European Market for Dental Materials Report

Impression Markets

The impression material market will be threatened by the introduction and adoption of intraoral scanners. This threat has varying implications for the different material segments. Intraoral scanners replace the necessity of impression materials and will ultimately cause the impression material market to contract.

Local Anesthetics

Local injection anesthetic market value was approximately eight times that of the topical injection market. Topical solutions are not comparable in terms of the depth and duration of pain relief and therefore are approximately half the price of injections. Competitors and products leading this market include Septodont’s Septanest®, DENTSPLY’s Oraqix® and 3M ESPE Ubistesin™.

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