Units Sold Assessment

Units Sold Assessment

Part of the range of medical device statistics you’ll find in every market report analyzing medical device trends from iData Research is the Units Sold Assessment. This is a simple measurement that details the number of units sold for that particular medical device.

Why Is the Units Sold Assessment Important?

iData Research provides a lot of information about various medical device trends to help you speculate on which medical devices will be the most promising to market and sell moving forward, but there’s no substitute for raw numbers.

The Units Sold Assessment tells you exactly how many units of a particular medical device is being sold. There’s no need for speculation or interpretation — the numbers are right there to help you decide if this is a product worth pushing or worth getting in on if you haven’t entered the market for that particular device yet. As a complement to the other specific and more general information we provide at iData Research, it can be extremely useful for your medical device business.

Why Do We Offer the Units Sold Assessment in Our Reports?

At iData Research, we strive to give you the most comprehensive reports possible on whatever medical devices you wish to sell, whether you are focused on the field of cardiology, cosmetic surgery, anesthesiology, dialysis, endoscopy or one of the many other medical specialties out there. If there is a medical specialty, there are devices that go with it, which means we have or can easily get data on them.

We want to be the only place you need to go for information on which of your medical devices are trending up, which are trending down and what the best approaches for the future are likely to be. You don’t have to use iData Research exclusively to develop your medical device marketing plan, but we’d like to think you could.

How Do We Obtain Our Units Sold Data?

Our team of analysts follow a rigourous 9-Step Methodology that sets us apart from other market research firms. A main source of information on medical device sales volumes is from the companies themselves. The majority of our research time is spent interviewing market and product managers of industry players, key opinion leaders, doctors and surgeons. Our relationships with these partners allow us to obtain proprietary units sold data in confidence that we use to formulate the overall market sales volumes.

Another important source of insight into our unit sold analysis is the ability to look at procedure volume databases and hospital data. By understanding the volume of procedures, we are able to also understand an accurate number of units sold within the particular medical device segment.

Reports to Cover All Your Needs

For complete information for your medical device business, our MedSuite™ research products offer complete market sizing and data analysis to help you understand an entire industry and marketplace, with products like the Suite Executive Summary, Disease Overview, Clinical Trial information and more. Our reports are so full of useful information that when used correctly, they can often pay for themselves.

If you are in the medical device sales industry, you can’t afford not to make use of iData Research reports. You can be sure that your competition has our reports at the ready right now.

To get the iData Research edge and learn everything you need to know about the number of medical device units sold, the popularity of medical devices in your sector and much more, contact iData Research for your reports today.

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