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U.S. Urological Devices 2014 Report

Urological endoscope devices comprise the fastest-growing segment in the overall urological device market as prostate cancer continues to be the leading non-dermal cancer among American men.

The U.S. Market for Urological Devices is expected to approach just under $3 billion by 2020, with Olympus, C.R. Bard and Coloplast leading the way. The fastest-growing segment in the urological device market is urological endoscopes. Growth in this market is due to an increased demand from physicians for higher quality products that improve the efficacy of endoscopic procedures, as well as by the trend towards digital endoscopes.

The urological endoscopes market includes rigid and flexible cystoscopes, semi-rigid and flexible ureteroscopes, rigid resectoscopes and rigid nephroscopes. The report includes the sales of new endoscopes as well as refurbished or repaired units. The new endoscopes market growth will be driven in part by the movement towards digital endoscopes which are more expensive. “Increases in urological procedures, such as biopsies, urinary stone treatments and the need for diagnostic or exploratory procedures, are expected to raise the number of endoscopes sold through 2020,” says Dr. Kamran Zamanian, CEO of iData. “In addition, the release of new technology will further increase ASPs.” New models of endoscopes feature digital capabilities, which improve navigation but come at higher costs.

In the United States, the cystoscope market comprises rigid and flexible cystoscopes and is expected to remain the largest segment of the total urological endoscope market. There is a trend toward flexible cystoscopes, due to urologist preferences as flexible endoscopes are easier to use and are more comfortable for the patient.

Urological Device Market, U.S., 2010 – 2020


C.R. Bard dominates the total Urological Device Market in the U.S. and leads the urinary incontinence device market. Olympus is expected to continue their lead in the urological endoscopes segment and four other segments with their CYF-5/5ATM Flexible Fiber Cystoscope and CYF-V2/VA2TM Flexible Video Cystoscope systems. Other leading competitors in these markets are American Medical Systems with their significant market share of benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) treatment devices, Coloplast, Boston Scientific, Karl Storz and Covidien.

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