The U.S. market for orthopedic soft tissue repair includes anterior and posterior cruciate ligament, (ACL/PCL) reconstruction and fixation products, cartilage repair therapies, meniscal repair devices, rotator cuff repair devices, shoulder and labrum repair devices, rotator cuff graft reinforcement devices, hip arthroscopy devices and biceps tenodesis devices. These devices are used for closed technique treatments of worn or injured joints. The majority of such treatments are performed on knee and shoulder joints, although there is an increasing interest among the surgical community on hip and small joint arthroscopy.

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In 2012, the U.S. orthopedic soft tissue repair market showed double-digit growth over the previous year. The largest segments of the U.S. orthopaedic soft tissue repair market were the rotator cuff repair, ACL/PCL fixation and ACL/PCL reconstruction segments. The total market is expected to keep on growing at high rates and will be spurred by factors such as clinical need, product innovation and addition of new segments.

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