Top M&A Deals in the European Video Endoscopy Market

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Based on a recent report published by iData Research on the video endoscopy market within Europe, several mergers and deals occurred over the past year. Video endoscopy systems are used to view the live, color video of the interior of the body during diagnostic and therapeutic minimally invasive surgeries (MIS).

Top most impactful M&A’s and partnerships in the European video endoscopy market include:

  1. Stryker acquiring Mobius imaging and Cardan Robotics for $500 million;
  2. The U.S. Department of Defense entering into an agreement with Arthrex;
  3.  Barco announced a partnership with Panopto.

Stryker’s Acquisition of Mobius Imaging

In September 2019, Stryker announced the acquisition of Mobius Imaging and its sister company Cardan Robotics for $500 million. This was a gateway for Stryker to enter the intra-operating imaging segment.

Mobius has been focused on integrating advanced imaging technologies into workflows since it was founded in 2008. They developed the Airo TruCT scanner, considered a best-in-class mobile, real-time, diagnostic-quality CT imaging system which won 510(k) clearance from the FDA in April 2018.

Founded in 2015, Cardan is developing robotics and navigation technologies for spinal procedures.

This acquisition brings expertise in advanced imaging and robotics as well as a robust product pipeline that adds to Stryker’s portfolio and will allow the spine division to provide more complete procedural solutions, including sales, service, and support,

Spencer Stiles, president of Stryker's orthopedics and spine group.

With this acquisition, Stryker was able to boost its presence in the spine, orthopedic, video endoscopy, and neurotechnology markets. It has also granted Stryker’s spine division access to the intraoperative imaging software by Mobius, which aligns with their navigation and implants portfolio.

Overall, Stryker was the third-leading competitor in the European Video Endoscopy market. They offered products in all segments other than medical photo printers.

Arthrex Contract with the U.S. Department of Defense

In August 2019, the U.S. Department of Defense entered into a contract with Arthrex worth up to $375 million for hospital equipment and accessories. This deal had been initiated a year prior from a direct sales pitch presented directly to the department head, allowing them to win amongst 58 other companies. The contract enabled all military hospitals, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs hospitals, and municipal and community hospitals that serve the military to place any orders for Arthrex products through an electronic catalog.

Arthrex was the sixth-leading competitor in the European Video Endoscopy market, which was solely attributed to its share of the surgical camera system market.

Barcos Partnership With Panopto

In February 2020, Barco announced a partnership with Panopto to enhance virtual learning and training by connecting Barco’s weConnect platform and Panopto’s video platform. As a result of the companies working together, Barco released a new media streaming solution, called SecureStream. It is designed to improve the user interface for control room operators. It is a media streaming solution that makes sharing content from the control room to external stakeholders (and vice versa) easy and secure.

Belgian American Radio Corporation (BARCO) is a technology company founded in 1934. Its Sales & Marketing, Customer Support, R&D, and Manufacturing divisions are located throughout Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific. Barco held a notable portion of the European Video Endoscopy market, which was solely attributed to its share of the surgical camera system market.

Video Endoscopy Market Size and Forecast

In addition to these events, the market growth in the EU has been driven by the conversion of the HD-installed base to 4K technology. 4K surgical cameras produce image quality superior to that of their HD counterparts. 4K resolution features four times the number of pixels compared to HD, which provides enhanced zooming capabilities and is particularly beneficial during minimally invasive surgeries.

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Overall, the European Video Endoscopy market size has reached a valuation of €675 million in 2020. Competitive pressures within the market are expected to continue driving its growth, allowing it to exceed €846 million in 2027.

Via: Mass Device, Naples Daily News and PRnewswire

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iData ResearchTop M&A Deals in the European Video Endoscopy Market