Top 5 Dental Materials Companies in the U.S.

Within the United States, the competitive landscape of the dental materials market is intense, to say the least. Top industry giants are competing to constantly innovate and gain market share hoping to outperform the other 25+ competitors. When the global COVID-19 pandemic hit the U.S., the dental materials market and procedures were negatively affected. Many companies quickly re-analyzed their strategy for success and determined the best plan to return to pre-COVID market conditions, otherwise stirring things up. 

In a constantly shifting and evolving market, it is imperative to understand the leading competitors and their product portfolios. To assist you in making better strategic decisions, we compiled a list of the top companies within the U.S. dental materials market.

Top 5 U.S. Dental Materials Companies

(2021 updated)

  1. 3M
  2. Dentsply Sirona
  3. Kerr
  4. GC America
  5. Septodont

1 – 3M

3M has managed to maintain the dominant, leading position within all market segments aside from anesthetics. The company heavily invests in data to achieve a comprehensive analysis of the market and end user’s demands. As a result, 3M has developed technologically differentiated products, which vary from the rest of the competition. 

Based on our market analysis, the dental cement market is where 3M truly shines. The company offers its RelyX™ product line, which comes in six different formats. 3M’s products have been present in the dental cement market for a long time. Because of this, dentists trust and rely on these as their first choice. 

2 – Dentsply Sirona

Dentsply Sirona is the only major company to compete in every market segment. Since the successful merger in 2015 between Dentsply International and Sirona Dental Systems Inc., Dentsply Sirona has developed a greater variety of dental products and has significantly enhanced annual net sales.

The Aquasil Ultra® product line drives the company’s strong presence in the dental impressions segment. Prestigious dental schools, such as the University of Pennsylvania, rely on the  Aquasil Ultra® product line, which fits every dentist’s specific needs. With Aquasil Ultra®, Dentsply Sirona expects to continue to increase its market penetration in the years to come.

3 – Kerr

Kerr, similar to 3M, participates in all of the U.S. dental materials market segments except for anesthetics. The companies portfolio includes composites, bonding agents, impression materials, types of cement, and restorative accessories. 

Furthermore, the company has seen great success in the direct restorative segment, achieved through its presence in the amalgam category. Kerr’s two main amalgam product lines, Tytin® and Contour™ consisted of the bulk of amalgam sales, promoting the company to the number one position in the direct restorative amalgam market.

4 – GC America

GC America’s presence in the overall dental materials market is due to the companies success in the dental cement, impression, restorative, and core build-up material domains. GC America acquired its highest individual market share in the dental cement segment with its GC Fuji I® product line. 

Additionally, GI and RMGI materials greatly benefitted GC America in the core build-up materials market. With its Miracle Mix® product, a metal-reinforced crown, and core build-up material, GC America was able to market to dentists who worried about compressive strength. 

5 – Septodont

Last but not least, Septodont is amongst the leading competitors in the U.S. dental materials market with their anesthetics products going into 500 million dental injections per year worldwide. Septodont prices its brands higher which in turn contributed to a higher market share than its unit share. 

In terms of brand competition, Septodont’s brand for articaine, Septocaine®, held a significantly large market share in the anesthetics market despite competition from Dentsply Pharmaceutical and Pierrel Pharma. The company also offered other brands, such as Lignospan®OraVerse®Scandonest®, and Vivacaine®, containing different types of anesthetic materials, such as lidocaine and mepivacaine.

Further U.S. Dental Materials Market Insights

The U.S. dental materials market is indicative of growth at a 3.7% CAGR for the next few years. While the top materials companies, such as 3M, Dentsply Sirona, and Kerr control a large portion of the market, modest companies have risen in popularity. The aging population within the U.S. and their increasing awareness of oral health will be the main driver for this market. Additionally, the anesthetics segment expects to undergo the most growth. This should leave the companies heavily competing within this segment in an advantageous position. 


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