It’s essential to know your customers in order to effectively market your services or products. Customer specific surveys are one of many tools in your market research arsenal that will help you keep your existing customers and find ways to attract more. Today we’re going to be looking at three ways you can set about accomplishing this.

Method #1: Conduct A Paper Survey
If you want to understand your customers better, you can devise and execute a survey on your own business premises. It’s simple to create the right questions yourself by thinking about the information that your business could benefit from. For most business this will hinge on knowing where you customers live, what they like or dislike about your product or service and what sources they heard about you from. Information obtained through this method is primary source and allows you to complete simple data analysis. For example, you could scan zip codes to determine where customers live or examine their titles to draw conclusions about their gender. Most usefully, perhaps, ask that respondents submit their email addresses but ensure that you give them the choice of opting out of receiving further emails.

Method #2: Use Google Drive Forms To Create Market Survey Forms
Sign in to your Google account and you’ll get access to Google Drive at the top navigation bar. Click on ‘Create’ and then ‘Form’. You’ll have to choose a title and theme before designing your questions. For each question you have to create a clear title, some help text and select the questions type, such as multiple-choice. When you have finished creating your survey, you can publish it, sending the link to the people you wish to take the survey. The question is; how do you get people to take the survey?

Remember those email addresses from the paper surveys? If respondents indicated that they didn’t mind you contacting them, you can email them the link to your Google Drive survey. Another great way to get the survey out there is to publish the link on your website or your business’ Facebook page. A fantastic way to increase the number of respondents is to offer a prize to people who ‘like’ your page, share it or take the survey. Your Google Drive survey will report directly who has taken the survey and you can assign prizes accordingly. You can then get the results in a spreadsheet and analyze people’s responses.

Method #3: Hire A Market Research Firm
Much of the success of customer specific market research surveys lies with the quality of the questions. Therefore hiring a firm to conduct a comprehensive and efficient market research survey is the most effective way of obtaining significant quantitative data. Market research firms will either design you a customized survey, or take your existing surveys (paper or Google Drive) and prepare them to be administered online or via telephone, fax, or email. Critically, they will review the gathered data to assure validity, reliability, and bias reduction. This drastically increases the usefulness of your information and your resulting decisions will be far more accurate. If you find a company that bill at a fixed cost per completed survey, it’s more affordable than you think to get first-class data about your customers!