Shoulder repair market
With the introduction of all-suture anchors and PEEK CF anchors in 2010 by Biomet and Parcus Medical respectively, there will be a higher level of growth seen in the rotator cuff and shoulder labrum repair markets. The all-suture products only require the drilling of approximately a 3mm rather than a 5mm hole, which is normally necessary for suture anchors composed of other materials. This allows surgeons more “real estate” in the rotator cuff with which to work.

Growth of the All-Suture Market in the U.S.

These all-suture anchors were first introduced by Biomet as a less invasive suture anchor and have gained a great deal of popularity among surgeons in the United States. In 2013, the all-suture market comprised 4.9% of the total rotator cuff repair market and 14.3% of the total shoulder labrum repair market. The all-suture market will grow at a strong rate over the foreseeable future as surgeons begin to adopt these products for both rotator cuff and shoulder labrum repair applications.

Shoulder Labrum Repair Market by Segment, U.S., 2013shoulder labrun repair market


First to Market Biomet and Parcus Medical Holding Ground

As many people in the industry are already aware, being first to market is of great advantage as long as due diligence on quality control has been performed for the product in question. The first company to enter the market matches all of the market demand and it becomes difficult for following competitors to garner interest in their own products.

In the case of the all-suture anchor product mentioned above, the first company to develop the product and take it to market was Biomet. The release occurred in 2010 and has shown excellent growth over the last few years due to the high level of popularity of their product. Biomet launched this product to supplement their ALLthreadTM line which contains PEEK, resorbable and titanium suture anchor products as well as their MaxBraidTM PE Suture. Their all-suture anchor is sold under the name JuggerKnotTM. The JuggerKnotTM was originally designed for instability (shoulder labrum) repair but has also gained popularity with surgeons for rotator cuff repairs. As is the case with most first to market competitors, Biomet still holds the majority of the rotator cuff repair market and enjoys a similar position in the shoulder labrum repair market. Other companies selling all-suture products now are Stryker with their ICONIXTMand ConMed Linvatec with their Y-Knot® All-Suture Anchor, but many other companies are expected to enter this space over the next few years.

By Dr. Kamran Zamanian and Dylan Freeze, Senior Research Analyst, iData Research Inc.


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