A successful study on Curavisc was recently presented at the 58th annual conference of the North German Association of Orthopedic Surgeons.

According to a new press release by Curasan AG on openPR.com, the German company revealed clinical data of 100 patients experiencing knee arthrosis who had previously undergone lavage treatment. The data, which was collected at Caritas Hospital in Bad Mergentheim, Germany, showed significantly reduced swelling and inflammation after Curavisc was injected. Curavisc is an upcoming hyaluronic acid product for the treatment of osteoarthritis.

Expected market entry of this product will provide more competition to the European market, which will further drive market growth and innovation for more efficient and potent hyaluronic acid viscosupplements.

For more information on the Curasan’s Curavisc product and its affects on patients with arthrosis, click on the link below:

Curavisc After Knee Arthroscopy Examined in Clinical Trial: Significant Reduction in Pain and Earlier Mobility