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During the recent mitral valve disease conference, Sorin Group demonstrated their latest findings showing the benefits of their annuloplasty ring in heart failure patients compared to similar products by their competitors.

“We are encouraged by these study results demonstrating that, in terms of mitral transvalvular mean gradient and pulmonary arterial pressure at rest and under stress, patients treated with Memo 3D flexible annuloplasty rings had improved postoperative outcomes compared to those treated with rigid saddle-shaped rings, resulting in better NYHA class.” said Dr. Khalil Fattouch, M.D., Ph.D., and Director of the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery at Maria Eleonora Hospital, GVM Care and Research, in Palermo, Italy. “Given the potential limitations of traditional, rigid annuloplasty rings, we believe that Memo 3D may represent a better option for delivering improved patient outcomes.”

Annuloplasty rings are inserted around the outer portion of the heart’s mitral valve during the conclusion of mitral valve repair surgery. They are designed to restore the saddle shape of the mitral annulus, which forms the perimeter of the valve. Sorin say its semirigid annuloplasty rings preserve the annulus’ flexibility so that it can mimic the natural movement of the heart.

The company said a 93-person trial found that patients on its device performed better than those using rigid rings, as measured by overall heart function (determined using the New York Heart Association heart failure classification scheme), end-diastolic volume and postoperative pulmonary artery pressure.

“Given the potential limitations of traditional, rigid annuloplasty rings, we believe that Memo 3D may represent a better option for delivering improved patient outcomes,” said Dr. Khalil Fattouch, director of the department of cardiovascular surgery at Maria Eleonora Hospital in Palermo, Italy.

Competitors in this market with similar annuloplasty ring products include St. Jude Medical, Medtronic, and Edwards Lifesciences. Edwards and Sorin also sell artificial mitral valve replacements, but studies show that mitral valve repair is preferable, though replacement is easier in more advanced cases of mitral valve disease.

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