Medical device manufacturer St. Jude Medical received TGA approval for use of their Brio™ deep brain stimulator (DBS) system to treat Parkinson’s disease in Australia.

TGA stands for the Therapeutic Goods Administration, and according to the Medical News, The Brio™ is the world’s smallest and longest-lasting DBS device. It offers a rechargeable battery that provides longer intervals (approximately 10 years at high settings) between replacements of the device. The Brio™ also has the deepest implant depth of any DBS, allowing for greater patient comfort.

St. Jude Medical’s Libra™ and LibraXP™ non-rechargeable DBS systems received previous TGA approval in 2009. Both of these devices have now been granted reimbursement authorization.

Deep brain stimulation is a process by which small electrical pulses from an implanted device are sent a patient’s brain, targeting specific areas. In terms of treating Parkinson’s disease, DBS influences the abnormal nerve signals that are responsible for the disease.

More information on all three DBS systems by St. Jude Medical and the TGA regulatory and reimbursement approval system in Australia can be found here:

St. Jude Medical’s Brio DBS System for Treating Parkinson’s Disease Receives Australian TGA Approval