When you get turned down for a game of laser tag: Maybe dentists are just not that into lasers. 

Recently, dentists have been focusing on CAD/CAM technology as the next step in a capital investment for their practice. But how are they spending this budget? Well at first glance, not on lasers. Even though the technology has been available over 30 years, only half of U.S. dental practices currently own a soft tissue laser. (Click here for a free report synopsis on lasers) In Europe, the picture is even bleaker for lasers, with penetration rates as low as 10% in many countries and no major sign of an upward trend. It may seem as though soft tissue lasers are unlikely to become staples in dental offices any time soon.

But wait…

New research debunks this assumption. According to manufacturers, opinion leaders and dentists around the world, you can expect soft tissue lasers to experience a market boom in the near future. The American market in particular is projected to experience an explosion in the sales of diode lasers in the foreseeable future. Sales in the European market will take a little longer to pick up due to the slow recovery process from the Eurozone crisis; but European dentists are also expected to invest in diode lasers eventually.

Why lasers?

The ease-of-use, affordability and patient-friendly aspects of these lasers will attract dentists to the soft tissue laser market when they look to make a smart investment in their practice.

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