Health Insurance Policy Tool

‘Reimbursement Tracker’ is a Health Insurance Policy Tool that simplifies how med-device stakeholders track and manage insurance policy changes. Subscribers can keep a close eye on Medicaid, Medicare, and hundreds of private insurers across the United States.

– iData Research announces the launch of Reimbursement Tracker, a Health Insurance Policy Tool that enables medical device, dental, pharmaceutical and healthcare professionals to receive real-time policy updates from hundreds of insurance companies and 60,000+ policies across all therapeutic areas in the United States.

“Reimbursement Tracker focuses on what matters to our clients,” explains Kamran Zamanian, CEO of iData. “By receiving real-time updates on reimbursement policy changes, our clients can better mitigate and manage risk to revenue, and optimize reimbursement coverage for their products.”

Many have found that staying up-to-date on the latest policy changes manually is time-consuming and expensive. On the other hand, insurance companies post policy changes to their company website at their discretion. They are not required to inform stakeholders of policy changes on the discontinuation of coverage, CPT code changes, or new product introductions that can affect the market landscape.  Policy management tools, like iData’s new Reimbursement Tracker, help alleviate these issues.

Reimbursement Tracker in Detail

Reimbursement Tracker simplifies, coordinates, and tracks changes in reimbursement policies. These policies pertain to codes, review dates, product updates, and scope of coverage for hundreds of U.S.  insurers, including Medicaid and Medicare. All information is prepared in one online portal. A searchable database of historical policy updates is also available.

Quick Features:

  • Real-time updates
  • Highlighted, easy-to-see policy changes
  • Email push alerts

Highlight Feature: Client-specific Reporting Dashboard
The Reimbursement Tracker online portal can be customized to a client’s specifications to integrate into company-specific workflows. The reporting dashboard provides an overview of the most recent updates most relevant to a company’s interests, as well as a snapshot of regions affected by those changes.

Highlight Feature: Quick-access Sorting and Filters
Policies can be sorted and filtered by future review dates, keywords, procedures, regions, date of policy changes and insurers.


Full Product Brochure and Demo Available
The Reimbursement Tracker full product brochure is available.  Guided demos are also available. Please register or contact [email protected]. No download or installation is required for a product demonstration.