In 2010, the European hearing device market was valued at nearly €5.6 billion. However, the penetration rate of hearing aids in Europe varies considerably by country, as cultural, political and economical factors can affect the degree to which hearing aids are adopted. For example, Denmark had the highest penetration of hearing aid users compared to all other European countries, at almost 45% in 2010. Danish patients benefited from having some of the highest reimbursement rates and a growing private sector that is able to supply hearing aids to patients. In addition, three of the largest hearing aid manufacturers are headquartered in Denmark, which has given them strong lobbying power to promote the use of hearing aids within their country. However, a high reimbursement rate may not always guarantee high penetration, as is evident in Finland. Although patients receive hearing aids for free, it comes at a cost: patients encounter long waiting periods and a restricted choice of hearing aids, since they are primarily dispensed through public university hospitals. An attractive hearing aid market typically has a favorable reimbursement policy and an efficient and wide spread distribution channel that makes it easier for patients to acquire hearing aids.

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