Diabetes Devices Market Report Suite for the US | 2017-2023 | MedSuite | Blood Glucose Meters, Blood Glucose Test Strips, Lancets and Lancing Devices, Continuous Glucose Monitoring, Insulin, Inulin Pens, Insulin Syringes, Insulin Pumps

Diabetes Devices Market Report Suite for the US | 2017-2023 | MedSuite | Blood Glucose Meters, Blood Glucose Test Strips, Lancets and Lancing Devices, Continuous Glucose Monitoring, Insulin, Inulin Pens, Insulin Syringes, Insulin Pumps


The full report suite on the U.S. market for diabetes monitoring, treatment and drug delivery includes blood glucose meters, blood glucose test strips, lancets and lancing devices, continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), insulin, inulin pens, insulin syringes and insulin pumps. Sanofi and Novo Nordisk recently launched next-generation insulin products: insulin glargine U-300 (Toujeo®) and insulin degludec (Tresiba®), respectively. Both of these insulin analogs are “ultra-long-acting” and have an average duration of 24 to 36 hours, which means that patients will only be required to perform once-daily injections. Novo Nordisk is currently developing Ryzodeg®, a premixed insulin analog comprising insulin degludec (Tresiba®) and insulin aspart (NovoLog®), in addition to an “ultra-rapid-acting” insulin analog, which are both expected to be launched during the forecast period. The insulin-dependent patient population is expected to transition to next-generation insulin products and will contribute to the growth of the insulin market and associated insulin delivery markets.

  • Year: 2017
  • Scope: 2013-2023
  • Region: United States
  • Published Date: 10/1/2016
  • Pages: 273
  • Type: MedSuite

Major Segments Covered in the Diabetes Device Market Report Suite

Overall, the diabetes monitoring, treatment and drug delivery market was valued at approximately $17.9 billion in 2016. This is expected to increase over the forecast period at a CAGR of 5.3% to reach over $25.6 billion by 2023.

The full report suite on the U.S. market for diabetes monitoring, treatment and drug delivery includes blood glucose meters, blood glucose test strips, lancets and lancing devices, continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), insulin, inulin pens, insulin syringes and insulin pumps.

While this report suite contains all U.S. diabetes device data, each of the markets are also available as stand alone MedCore reports. This allows you to get access to only the diabetes device market research that you need. You can view all these included reports and segmentation here:

  • US Market Overview for Diabetes Monitoring, Treatment and Drug Delivery 2017 – MedView: Gives an easily accessible view of all diabetes device markets and trends, and aggregates the data together for a picture of the total U.S. market.
  • US Procedure Numbers for Diabetes Monitoring, Treatment and Drug Delivery 2017 – MedPro: Using a number of databases, internal and external, we’re able to provide you with the total volume of diabetes procedures being performed for each of the markets mentioned in this suite of reports.
  • US Market Report for Blood Glucose Meters 2017 – MedCore: Blood glucose meters are electronic devices that analyze a small drop of blood drawn using a lancet and lancing device. The blood is placed on a small disposable test strip that is inserted into the blood glucose meter, which reads the level of glucose in the blood. The blood glucose meter is battery-powered and fits in the palm of the hand. When the blood is placed on the strip, it flows in through capillary action. The electrochemical reaction between the test strip and the blood determines the blood glucose concentration reported as milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL) or millimoles per liter (mmol/L).
  • US Market Report for Blood Glucose Test Strips 2017 – MedCore: Blood glucose test strips are thin strips with enzymes that react to blood droplets. These create either a photometric or electrochemical response which is read by a glucose meter. Strips vary by size, chemical makeup, fluid channels, etc. and are typically sold in containers of 50 or 100. A single strip is used for each test, and some brands have preloaded strip storage within their meters.
  • US Market Report for Lancet and Lancing Devices 2017 – MedCore: A lancet is a small needle with a plastic or rubber coating that fits into the top of a lancing device. Lancing devices are pen-like instruments which are used in conjunction with a lancet to draw blood to be applied to a glucose strip. Many lancets come as a component of blood glucose monitoring kits, and can be adjusted for injection depth. Reusable lancets are not as effective as they are more dull and painful and increase the risk of infection.
  • US Market Report for Continuous Glucose Monitoring 2017 – MedCore: Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) allows for a more accurate reading of how blood glucose levels fluctuate throughout the day by measuring interstitial glucose levels on a continuous basis and estimating blood glucose levels based on these readings.
  • US Market Report for Insulin 2017 – MedCore: Insulin is a hormone that causes glucose uptake from the blood through the cells of the liver, muscle and fat tissue to be stored as glycogen in the liver and muscle. Type 1 diabetics’ immune systems destroy pancreatic beta cells: the only cells that can make insulin. The body therefore fails to produce insulin and cannot naturally convert food into energy. Type 2 diabetics have a resistance to insulin, and cells are not able to use the insulin present in the body. The need for insulin increases to the point that the pancreas can no longer produce it. Insulin is therefore a mode of treating both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.
  • US Market Report for Insulin Pen 2017 – MedCore: Insulin pens are shaped like a writing pen, but have a reservoir for insulin and are used as a delivery method for insulin. To administer insulin, patients must remove the pen cap, clean the injection site with an alcohol swab, attach a pen needle, prime the pen, dial the appropriate dosage amount and finally inject the insulin. There is a dose dial on the side of the pen so the patient can choose the required dose.
  • US Market Report for Insulin Syringes 2017 – MedCore: Insulin is a protein and when administered orally, it degrades in the stomach and the intestines. When administered subcutaneously, it is better absorbed and has more of an effect on blood sugar levels. Although many alternative technologies have entered the insulin delivery device market, such as insulin pumps and insulin pens, syringes are still the most widely used device to inject insulin.
  • US Market Report for Insulin Pumps 2017 – MedCore: The total U.S. market for insulin pumps can be segmented by pump type, yielding three segments: traditional insulin pumps, patch insulin pumps and simple insulin pumps. In 2016, the largest segment in the total insulin pump market was the traditional pump segment, representing over 80% of the total market value. Traditional pumps account for such a large portion of the market because they are a much more established market, relative to the patch pump and simple pump markets, which were launched in the U.S. in 2005 and 2012, respectively. It is expected that traditional pumps will maintain their dominance over the forecast period, despite the growing market share of patch pumps and simple pumps.
  • OTHER INFORMATION – Company Profiles and SWOT, Disease Overviews, & Related Press Releases from Top Competitors

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Diabetes Device Market Trends

Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) represented the fastest growing segment in the total U.S. diabetes monitoring, treatment and drug delivery market in 2016. Growth of the segment can be attributed to the expanding installed base of CGM users, which experienced particularly high growth in 2015 and 2016. A recent vote by the Clinical Chemistry and Clinical Toxicology Devices panel of the FDA favored a non-adjunctive label that would allow DexCom’s G5® Mobile users to make insulin dosing decisions based on CGM data, as opposed to traditional blood glucose meter data. It is expected that this claim will have a significant impact on the future growth of the CGM market as it reinforces confidence in CGM accuracy and increases the likelihood of Medicare granting reimbursement for personal CGM products in the future.

Diabetes Device Report Data Types Included

  • Unit Sales, Average Selling Prices, Market Value & Growth Trends
  • Forecasts Until 2023, and Historical Data to 2013
  • Market Drivers & Limiters for Each Diabetes Device Segment
  • Competitive Analysis with Market Shares for Each Segment
  • Recent Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Diabetes Procedure Volumes
  • Disease Overviews and Demographic Information
  • Company Profiles, Product Portfolios and SWOT for Top Competitors
  • Related Press Releases from Top Competitors

Diabetes Devices Companies Analyzed

In 2016, Sanofi led the U.S. diabetes monitoring, treatment and drug delivery market with approximately 28% market share. Sanofi benefitted from the continued success of its flagship product, Lantus®, a long-acting insulin analog and the launch of Toujeo®, an ultra-long-acting insulin analog. Johnson & Johnson maintained its position as the market leader in traditional blood glucose monitoring through its LifeScan brand and as the fourth leading competitor in the insulin pump market with its Animas brand. Other leading competitors in this market include DexCom, Novo Nordisk, Becton Dickinson and Medtronic; which all maintained a strong dominance in the continuous glucose monitoring, insulin, insulin pen needle and insulin pump markets, respectively.

History of Our Diabetes Device Market Research

We’ve been doing market research for medical devices for over a decade. We specialize in it, and the diabetes device market was one of our original reports that helped build trust in our research and methodology. We have built relationships with the top competitors in the diabetes device market so that we can gather proprietary information in confidence to assure more accurate research – that our partners and clients then benefit from.

Because we’re a third party researcher, we have the ability to reach well into the top diabetes device companies and look at a multi-angle approach to our research. Not only do we consider financial filings, we conduct interviews, use hospital and procedural databases, and our own history of research to create a picture of the market that’s incredibly accurate.

Our clients have used our diabetes device market research for years to strategize new markets to break into, submit SEC filings, decide sales and marketing strategies, plan acquisitions and product launches, and provide a 3rd party source to show investors, boards, and senior executives.

The "US Market Report Suite for Diabetes Monitoring, Treatment and Drug Delivery 2017 - MedSuite" includes analysis on the following companies currently active in this market:
Novo Nordisk
Eli Lilly
Johnson & Johnson
Becton Dickinson
Trividia Health
Nova Biomedical
*Not all companies are currently active in every segment or sub-report from this suite. For more details contact an iData Research Product Advisor.

Our reports follow an in-depth 9-step methodology which focuses on the following research systems:

  • Original primary research that consists of the most up-to-date market data
  • Strong foundation of quantitative and qualitative research
  • Focused on the needs and strategic challenges of the industry participants

Step 1: Project Initiation & Team Selection During this preliminary investigation, all staff members involved in the industry discusses the topic in detail.

Step 2: Prepare Data Systems and Perform Secondary Research The first task of the research team is to prepare for the data collection process: Filing systems and relational databases are developed as needed.

Step 3: Preparation for Interviews & Questionnaire Design The core of all iData research reports is primary market research. Interviews with industry insiders represent the single most reliable way to obtain accurate, current data about market conditions, trends, threats and opportunities.

Step 4: Performing Primary Research At this stage, interviews are performed using contacts and information acquired in the secondary research phase.

Step 5: Research Analysis: Establishing Baseline Estimates Following the completion of the primary research phase, the collected information must be synthesized into an accurate view of the market status. The most important question is the current state of the market.

Step 6: Market Forecast and Analysis iData Research uses a proprietary method to combine statistical data and opinions of industry experts to forecast future market values.

Step 7: Identify Strategic Opportunities iData analysts identify in broad terms why some companies are gaining or losing share within a given market segment.

Step 8: Final Review and Market Release An integral part of the iData research methodology is a built-in philosophy of quality control and continuing improvement is integral to the iData philosophy.

Step 9: Customer Feedback and Market Monitoring iData philosophy of continuous improvement requires that reports and consulting projects be monitored after release for customer feedback and market accuracy.

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