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Companies looking for in-depth intelligence into the medical robotics market research have turned to iData Research for more than a decade.

Our analysts possess a deep understanding of the many different devices and technologies that make up the medical robots market, and all of our reports are designed to be an invaluable resource for our clients, providing them with the accurate, reliable information they need in order to determine their optimum strategies to gain market share.

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Surgical Navigation and Robotics Systems Procedure Volume Analysis | Europe | 2017-2023 | MedPro

This report analyzes the procedures volumes as they relate to neurological devices in Europe between 2013-2023. The segments analyzed include: Neurosurgery Navigation Procedures, Spine Navigation Procedures, ENT Navigation Procedures, Orthopedic Navigation Procedures, Neurosurgery Robotics Procedures, Spinal Robotics Procedures, Minimally Invasive Procedures, Radiosurgery Robotics Procedures and Robotic Catheter Procedures.


Surgical Navigation and Robotics Systems Procedure Volume Analysis | United States | 2017-2023 | MedPro

The full report suite on the U.S. robotics and surgical navigation systems includes four segments in surgical navigation and six segments in robotics. The segmentation for surgical navigation systems includes systems with neurosurgery applications, spinal surgery applications, ENT (ear/nose/throat) applications, and orthopedic hip and knee applications. The segmentation for surgical robotics systems includes spinal, neurosurgery, minimally invasive surgery (MIS), radiosurgery, catheter, and orthopedic robotically assisted systems.