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iData Research thoroughly covers the orthopedic device market, providing in-depth analysis of the trends that are shaping the industry, updates on new and emerging technology, and much more. We not only provide a comprehensive orthopedic industry overview, but we also delve deep into sub-categories such as the extremities market, joint reconstruction market, arthroplasty market and many others.

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Orthopedic Biomaterials Market Report Suite | Canada | 2016-2022 | MedSuite

Each of the three markets discussed in the report has a unique set of factors affecting its growth profile. In terms of the market drivers, for example, the bone graft market is seeing increasing adoption rate as newly trained surgeons are entering the workforce. The viscosupplementation market continues to bring improved products along with expanded indications. The bone stimulator market maintains a high clinical success rate and is therefore also increasing its adoption rate.


Orthopedic Large Joint Replacement Devices Market Report Suite | Japan | 2018-2024 | MedSuite

Healthy joints are vital to an active lifestyle; however, aging, obesity and overuse tend to increase joint deterioration. Two major factors determining the health of joints are the integrity of the bones making up the joint and the quality of joint articulation. A significant deficiency in either aspect can lead to the decision to replace the joint. Bone is primarily made up of the mineral calcium, and although bone is hard and strong, it is also considered a living tissue of the body. This means that bone is not static but is constantly being replenished and drawn upon by the body as a part of natural human physiology. For instance, calcium is drawn upon by the body for many cellular processes that are essential to life.