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iData Research thoroughly covers the orthopedic device market, providing in-depth analysis of the trends that are shaping the industry, updates on new and emerging technology, and much more. We not only provide a comprehensive orthopedic industry overview, but we also delve deep into sub-categories such as the extremities market, joint reconstruction market, arthroplasty market and many others.

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Small Bone and Joint Orthopedic Devices Market Overview | Japan | 2016-2022 | MedView

The full report suite on the Japanese market for small bone and joint orthopedic devices includes shoulder reconstruction devices, elbow reconstruction devices, hand and wrist devices and foot and ankle devices. The shoulder reconstruction device market is further segmented into total shoulder implants, reverse shoulder implants, hemi-shoulder implants and resurfacing shoulder implants. The elbow reconstruction device market is segmented into total elbow implants and radial head implants. Additionally, the total elbow implant market is segmented into semi-constrained total elbow implants and unconstrained total elbow implants. The hand and wrist device market is segmented into wrist fusions and distal radius plates. Finally the foot and ankle device market is segmented into total ankle implants and foot digit implants.


Orthopedic Large Joint Devices Market Overview | Japan | 2016-2022 | MedView

Japan has a population of roughly 127 million and a GDP of $4.7 trillion and has a very large and growing elderly population. This characteristic is the main driver of procedures and thus market growth in the country. Due to the large elderly population, the government closely regulates reimbursement rates and thus affects the average pricing of medical devices. This typically results in decreasing product prices.