Neurology Devices

The neurological device market encompasses a wide range of devices that are used to regulate the body’s nervous system. iData Research analysts have a great deal of experience delving deep into this market to deliver industry-leading reports to our clients, and this information helps executives formulate key decisions.

We offer unsurpassed neurology market analysis that highlights both growth opportunities as well as potential limiting factors.

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Neurological Devices Market Analysis, Size, Trends | Global | 2019-2025 | MedSuite

Industry Trends One of the major drivers for the neurological devices market is the patient and physicians demand for minimally invasive procedures. This has been driving the growth in aspiration thrombectomy and neurovascular stenting and the decline of and aneurysm clipping procedures treatments. With the growth in these markets, the market value for ubiquitous neurovascular


Surgical Robotics and Navigation Market Analysis, Size, Trends | Global | 2019-2025 | MedSuite

Industry Trends The shift from open cavity procedures to minimally invasive procedures has already occurred within the United States, Australia and Europe. For hospitals to attract top talent, they must be equipped with the latest in high-tech equipment and facilities in order to increase efficiency for the surgeon. Incorporating surgical navigation and robotic systems into


Neurovascular Devices Market Analysis, Size, Trends | Global | 2017-2023 | MedCore

Industry Trends The neurovascular devices market includes three market segments: neurovascular catheters, neurovascular guidewires, and neurovascular stents. Neurovascular catheters, also known as microcatheters, are a type of catheter small enough to be used in neurovascular procedures. Microcatheters are designed with several properties in mind: hydrophilic coating, softness, trackability and stability. Of the devices in this


Neurosurgery Navigation Systems Market Analysis | India | 2017-2023 | MedCore

IGS was initially developed in the neurosurgical field to assist in accurately navigating the path to tumors in sensitive cranial areas. Many neurosurgical procedures could not be performed without the aid of some kind of a navigation system. As a standard of care procedure, IGS systems have a high penetration rate in the neurosurgical market, with most facilities that perform neurosurgery already having a system. As a result, neurosurgical IGS products have the highest proportion of expert surgeons using these devices.


Spine Navigation Systems Market Analysis | India | 2017-2023 | MedCore

The use of IGS has not become standard of care in spinal surgeries. Navigation systems require a reference point and due to excessive movement of skin surrounding the spinal column, the rigid spinal anatomy itself is usually used as the frame of reference. One of the main limiters to IGS is the preparation time necessary prior to the surgery.


Surgical Robotics Systems Market Analysis | India | 2017-2023 | MedCore

Surgical robotics has tremendous potential to increase the effectiveness of existing procedures and to facilitate novel procedure types. The surgical robotics industry is, in many ways, still in its infancy, with more products in development than currently commercially available on the market. Most new surgical robotic systems are designed for highly specialized medical applications, which is a major draw-back for most facilities. The types of surgical robotic assisted systems covered in this section are: minimally invasive surgery robotic systems, orthopedic robotic systems, neurosurgery robotic systems, spinal robotic systems, and radiosurgery robotic systems.


Surgical Robotics and Navigation Market Analysis, Size, Trends | India | 2017-2023 | MedSuite (Includes 7 Reports)

The full report suite on the India market for surgical robotics and navigation includes four segments in surgical navigation and three segments in robotics which includes an appendix. The segmentation for surgical navigation systems includes systems with neurosurgery applications, spinal surgery applications, ear, nose and throat (ENT) applications and orthopedic hip and knee applications. The segmentation for surgical robotics systems includes minimally invasive surgery (MIS) and orthopedic robotically assisted systems. The robotics appendix contains qualitative information on the neurosurgery, spinal, and radiosurgery robotics markets.


Neurological Devices Market Analysis, Size, Trends | India | 2013-2019 | MedSuite

The Indian market for neurological devices includes detachable coils, liquid embolics, neurovascular stents, neurovascular catheters, neurovascular guidewires, neuromodulation systems, neuroendoscopes, stereotactic systems and aneurysm clips. Market growth will be driven by increases in the aging population and improvements in neurological device technology. The continued acceptance of endovascular techniques for procedures to treat aneurysms and arteriovenous malformation (AVM) as well as the continued acceptance of frameless stereotactic treatment for cranial tumors will further drive market growth.