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Disposable Advanced Bipolar Devices Market Report Suite | United States | 2015-2021 | MedSuite

The total market for the top 3 manufacturers of disposable advanced bipolar devices has been experiencing growth ever since laparoscopy experienced its initial surge in popularity in the early 1990s. Growth in this market is due entirely to increases in unit sales, with yearly declines in ASP partially offsetting this growth.


Endoscopic and Surgical Devices Market Report Suite | Canada | 2013-2019 | MedSuite

The Canadian market for endoscopic and surgical devices includes endoscopes and devices from the GI endoscopy, urology, gynecology, bronchoscopy, ENT, laparoscopy, video, high-tech, automated endoscope reprocessor and electrosurgical device reprocessor markets.

Endoscopy is a minimally invasive diagnostic procedure that is used to assess the interior of the body by inserting a tube into the body. Endoscopes can be rigid or flexible, depending on the procedure they are required for, and not only provide images for inspection, but also have operating channels through which instruments can be inserted to take biopsies or perform procedures. Sedation and anesthesia are common for endoscopic procedures, but not required.

Endoscopic procedures can be performed in a variety of different environments; from walk-in clinics where mild or no anesthesia is used, to integrated operating rooms, where full sedation is used and more complex procedures are performed.

A traditional endoscope system is composed of four main components: a rigid or flexible tube which houses the rest of the components, a lens system which transmits the image to the viewer from the fiberscope, a light delivery system which transmits light via optical fibers from an outside source to illuminate the organ and operating area, and finally, an additional medical channel through which instruments are passed to be used during the procedure.


Endoscopic and Surgical Devices Market Report Suite | Canada | 2012-2018 | MedSuite

The total market for electrosurgical devices includes automated endoscope reprocessors, surgical endoscopy towers, ERCP devices, vessel sealing electrosurgical devices and biliary stents. Vessel sealing bipolar and ultrasonic devices represented the largest segments of this market, followed by surgical endoscopy towers. Technological innovation and greater market presence have been exhibited by the wide range of products involved in electrosurgery. Future growth in this market will be attributed to continued instrument advancements, especially in the field of minimally invasive vessel sealing electrosurgery.