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Dialysis Market Analysis, Size, Trends | United States | 2017-2023 | MedSuite (Includes 13 Reports)

The full report suite on the U.S. market for dialysis includes hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis machines, dialysis catheters, dialyzers, dialyzer reprocessing machines, hemodialysis bloodline and tubing sets, AV fistula needles, AV access grafts, declotting devices, introducer sheaths and guidewires and water treatment systems. The dialysis patient population has been increasing since 2013 and is projected to continue increasing over the forecast period. Notable trends include shifts between hemodialysis patients and peritoneal dialysis patients as well as the rate of transition from in-center treatment options to personal, home treatment.


Water Treatment Market Analysis | United States | 2017-2023 | MedCore

A hemodialysis patient will be exposed to between 400 to 600 liters of water per week, through their dialysis treatments. To put this in perspective, a person with normal kidney function will be exposed to approximately 15 liters of water per week. To compound that fact, the intestinal barrier and stomach acid of a person offers protection from contaminated water better than the barrier imposed by the membrane of a dialyzer. Furthermore, a functioning kidney can further protect a normal individual by eliminating contaminants in the water; such protection is absent for a hemodialysis patient. As a result, the regulations that govern the purity of drinking water are not sufficient for patients on hemodialysis.